What are Living Garden Walls?

Living garden walls are attention-grabbers. Exterior Worlds can create them for you by using the horticulture technique of planting shrubs and small trees, most often a variety of evergreen, then sculpting those plants into walls. Voila! A green oasis.

When constructing a living garden wall, we begin with a metal frame, usually made of iron or aluminum, which is laid out in the desired pattern. As your chosen plants grow and fill in around this structure, it disappears from view, similar to what happens with topiary designs.

As for choosing your plant material, most of our clients pick from among the many bush species commonly used in hedges. Some good options in this category include Japanese yew, a native perennial with small yellow flowers in spring and tiny red fruit in late summer. Ligustrum, which was first used for hedging in Elizabethan gardens, comes in many varieties, but the most common one produces creamy-white flowers and glossy black berries. Cherry laurel, an evergreen shrub or tree, is another good choice. Its green leathery leaves nicely reflect the sun’s light. Plus it flowers in the spring and produces cherries in the autumn. Elaeagnus is an evergreen with a silvery cast that makes it appear whitish or grey-brown from a distance. Its flowers are small and often fragrant.


Thinking of uses for living garden walls is an exercise in creative pleasure. If landscaping for entertainment, they make a perfect seating area within the larger zone, thus providing guests with an opportunity for momentary privacy. For any outdoor lounge design, living garden walls provide protection from the sun and wind. Since they are life forms, rather than static masses like brick or stone, living walls create an animated, singular ambiance that your friends and guests will remark upon.

Living walls add liveliness to your Houston pool landscaping as well. They will, of course, make the wet area feel more private, but also the juxtaposing of green walls, hard surfaces and water movement makes for an extra-pleasing outdoor environment. A living wall in your patio design will provide definition. It is also an interesting way to denote the transition from house to garden. You can also use living walls to hide unsightly views, such at utility poles or air-conditioning units.

Walls, in general, make interesting and adaptable elements in your Houston outdoor living setting. With a glass garden wall, for instance, you can use architectural glass within a strong framework to provide privacy and definition while still letting the sun shine through. Wall fountains create pleasing sounds and movement. They also make noteworthy focal points.

Be aware that a living wall will have an impact on your garden maintenance. In the early stages, plants will need to be consistently trained. Also the plants will need to be regularly trimmed into the desired contours. You will want us to conscientiously inspect the plants for insect infestations and diseases. But in exchange for this fastidious care and attention, you get a unique landscape structure, tailor-made for you and your property—memorable, one-of-a-kind and vibrant.