Small Garden Walls Are Big Players In Your Landscape

A classic concept within the landscaping vernacular is the small garden wall. But don’t let the word “small” fool you. At Exterior Worlds, we have found that small garden walls, so called due to their short height, can carry a big punch.

These walls, with their strong, clean lines, bring order and structure to your garden landscape. Short walls divide the space. They create zones, even directing traffic from one area to another. We make great use of them, particularly in how short walls can bring interest to otherwise flat and uninspired terrain.

For a subtle but sophisticated touch, a small wall can run along a property line to give it clear distinction. Using a small wall in this skilled way is particularly apt in a front yard, since it creates more of a visual barrier than an actual one, thus preserving a welcoming presentation for your home from the street.


Conversely, we have combined a small wall with a wrought iron fence for a finely crafted fence that is built for durability, longevity and beauty. These combo fences add a touch of elegance while still conveying an open ambiance. It is such design consciousness that brings distinction to a landscape.

We can build small garden walls for you in an entertainment area to provide de facto seating or table space. They can demarcate a specific area that you want to highlight, say, a custom swimming pool, garden room or rose garden. You can use short walls to enclose flower beds, which can protect the plants from wind and other elements. Built with proper engineering, they can also serve as retaining walls, if needed for sloping topography.

If you have a particular theme for your landscape design, such as a Southern garden or a French garden, small garden walls can be used to further that chosen atmosphere. With romantic gardens, like a Southern one, a small wall builds on the idea of enclosure and intimacy. As for classic themes like a French garden, all you have to do is visualize the structured gardens of Versailles to understand how short walls affect a space.

In general, walls are impeccable tools for any custom landscaping project done by Exterior Worlds. For instance, a glass garden wall, using architectural glass within a sturdy framework, provides privacy and definition. When the sun shines through it and back-lights the plants on the other side, you get a hint of shadowy mystery. Living garden walls, when we sculpt tall plants such as a lantana, cherry laurel (both of which are drought-resistant and have the added benefit of flowering), or reedy bamboo and turn them into green and living walls, add form, texture and interest to your yard. They also provide seasonal color and attract wildlife, like butterflies and birds.

Using walls, whether small, glass, brick, stone, or living, allows you to take advantage of the inherent strength found in geometric lines. Put that pleasing concept to work in your landscape design by integrating walls seamlessly with your other landscape elements, and watch your garden bloom, grow and flourish.

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