The Delight of Garden Wall Fountains

You can turn your luxury backyard into an extension of your exquisite interior world with the installation of a garden wall fountain from Exterior Worlds. These beautiful and soothing water features can serve both as a centerpiece of your landscape design and as a pleasing secondary accessory within the overall outdoor design.

Garden wall fountains make any space more interesting, beautiful and restful. The sight and sound they create can become a focal point during a morning meditation. They can provide a lovely accent for a luxury spa. Or they can become the backdrop to conversations during times of formal entertainment. Regardless of the occasion, wall fountains are works of art that enhance your garden by turning it into a delightful and tranquil space.

Garden wall fountains can further be used to enhance your chosen garden theme by placing one in your patio, outdoor room or outdoor lounge design. For formal and Tuscan gardens, you can recall the Old World cultures of Europe with certain designs. For example, a wall water fountain made from cast stone recalls the classic Mediterranean wall fountains commonly found in Italy, Greece, Spain, and France. Or, depending on the style of your home and gardens, you can find a fountain in the traditions reminiscent of Mexico, Asia or Native America. A modern courtyard design could handle a dramatic contemporary garden fountain, as another example.

We use garden wall fountains made from many types of materials, including stone, slate, cast concrete and metals, such as copper and steel. Each of these materials has its strengths and special appeal, but durability is a key characteristic to look for in addition to any aesthetic quality.

If you have always wanted a water fountain, but don’t have room for a free-standing one, a wall fountain is the perfect solution. We can mount them on a brick garden wall, a small garden wall or even a fence. Since they come in different sizes, you can find the perfect one for the area you have available. In any event, wall fountains don’t take up too much space, thus providing a lot bang for your landscaping buck.


When thinking about having a wall fountain installed, you will need to plan on having the appropriate plumbing wherever you place your fountain. As your landscaping professionals, we will make sure your fountain has access to incoming water as well as proper drainage.

Additionally, you will want to envision the wall fountain in daylight and nighttime conditions, including any landscape lighting you plan to use, to maximize your overall pleasure in the fountain. Once again, we can help with this aspect.

Any Houston outdoor patio can be turned into a refuge and retreat with the addition of a garden wall water fountain. Water, being one of the four cardinal elements, brings us back to nature, brings us back to ourselves. The ever-changing movement of the water, the cycle that it stands for, the relaxing and nurturing sound of water all combine to put mind, body and soul at ease.