Glass Garden Walls

If you want a distinctive custom hardscape element in landscape design, consider glass garden walls from Exterior Worlds. These exterior structures are becoming increasingly popular due to their capacity for creating eye-catching focal points on your property that invite your family and friends to enjoy the outdoors in a unique and interesting way.

Glass garden walls have the benefit of acting as a windbreak, creating suntraps and, depending on the glass style chosen, providing privacy without closing off the dimensions of entire exterior space. Available in a range of design options, today’s glass features finishes that control the amount of light transmitted and different surface textures that distort images, which is useful when privacy is still desired.

Glass garden walls are constructed most often of frosted, clear, sandblasted, customized etched, or architectural, also known as specialty, glass. Your choice of glass material should be informed by its ability to withstand the rigors of our weather conditions while still letting in light.

Once we build your glass garden wall, you have some serious design-conscious decisions to look forward to. For instance, to further enhance the appeal of the wall, you can place interesting varieties of plants behind it. Bamboo, river birch, palm trees and Japanese maple are all good choices that make interesting shadows and movement behind the glass.


Your outdoor lighting can also be used to highlight the glass wall. Back-lighting, up-lighting and down-lighting are placement techniques that seriously up the dramatic effect of your wall at night.

Glass is also a natural for modern homes and gardens. In general, glass can have a contemporary feel to it—depending on style and design, of course. Therefore, walls made of glass are perfect accoutrements in a modern home garden. They are especially effective when paired with a modern water fountain.

Glass walls are prized for their ability to create rooms within rooms. In this way, they help define spaces within your luxury landscape design without isolating one area from another. Because of this capability, glass as a garden wall can be put to good use in urban landscaping, which often must contend with small or unusually-shaped spaces.

Your custom pool is another landscaping zone that could benefit from glass walls. They strike just the right balance between openness, light and privacy for pool areas. In particular around water features, architectural glass possesses decorative dimensional elements that surprise and delight with its artistic possibilities.

As is true of any wall, a wall made of glass must be built using proper engineering techniques. Most municipalities have restrictions on walls built over a certain height; for instance, regulations may require that plans for walls of two-feet high or taller must be reviewed and approved by an engineer. Exterior Worlds is well-known for its expertise in these matters.

If you’re considering a possible landscaping remodeling project, keep in mind that glass walls produce a big wow factor for the money invested. With just the right design and placement, it may be the single, spectacular element that you’ve been looking for.

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