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Sprinkler Systems: Making Your Life Better

Author Jeff HalperIt’s true. The sprinkler systems of today do, in fact, make your life better. Technological advancements have made them cost-efficient, time-efficient and good investments in your landscape master plan.

A lawn sprinkler system installed by Exterior Worlds helps you protect the landscaping investment in your property in the most basic way: it delivers the right amount of water at the right time with the minimum of effort. And it does so with the least amount of wasted water, thus making sprinkler systems a fundamental part of xeriscaping in the way that they deliver necessary water using the best conservation practices.

Another advantage of our irrigation systems is that they allow you to easily divide your luxury landscape into zones. This watering technique is important because different plants need different amounts of water, depending on plant species and sun conditions. So, for instance, with individual irrigation zones, the grass can be watered separately and more often than groundcover and trees.


We achieve this effect by using different sprinkler heads and systems. Example: a drip irrigation system is an efficient subsystem, usually within a larger system, that applies water directly to the roots using a low volume drip. There are many advantages to this watering method, including the reduction of water loss due to evaporation and runoff. Additionally, for Houston rose gardens, it delivers water to the roots without wetting down the flowers or foliage.

Yet another benefit of today’s advanced automatic sprinkler systems is that they come equipped with shut-off devices and moisture sensors that will internally adjust the system during times of rain. And that means you can take advantage of the best kind of water—the kind you don’t have to pay for.

Once we get your system installed, we can do routine inspections as part of an ongoing maintenance contract. This way, we can discover any problems and malfunctions as soon as possible. One single clogged head or torn line can cause havoc in your yard and gardens—and on your water bill.

We will also inspect the system to make sure the sprinkler heads are adjusted properly to avoid watering concrete areas. A properly adjusted sprinkler head should spray large droplets of water and not a fine mist. This differential minimizes evaporation and loss of water due to wind drift.

In addition, we can monitor the proper times of day to water. Generally, in Houston, the best watering hours are between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. before the sun has come up and when temperatures are cool. Mid-day watering is often less efficient because of the sun’s heat and wind conditions. Watering in the evening leaves the plants wet overnight, which is an invitation for fungus to grow.

If you are planning a backyard remodeling project or any other upgrade to your property, consider a residential irrigation system from Exterior Worlds. You will thoroughly enjoy a high-quality system that is correctly designed, installed and maintained, because it will help you have a lush, green Houston landscape design. And it will do nothing but enhance your lot when it comes time to sell it.

Exterior Worlds has provided landscaping services, such as irrigation system installations and maintenance, to upscale neighborhoods in Houston since 1987.