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Spanish Moss Landscaping in Houston

Spanish moss landscaping is a very easy thing to do here in Houston. This so-called moss is technically neither a moss nor a fungus, but rather an epiphyte. An epiphyte is a rootless plant that absorbs moisture and nutrients directly from the air.

Spanish moss will not harm the plant around which it grows, and it is indigenous to the Houston landscape. It provides a ready, natural, and authentic accent to any flower pot, garden, or tree to which you transplant it.

We do a lot of Spanish moss landscaping around vegetation that grows in masonry planters, retaining walls, and flowering beds.
There are practical as well as aesthetic reasons for doing this. Anytime we build a planter into a retaining wall terrace, courtyard wall, or planter, we also have to build irrigation and drainage into these areas. Spanish moss can cover up any mechanical devices that would detract from the beauty of the plants. Also, if the topsoil is thin and the planter is narrow, Spanish moss will hide the true depth of the soil. Looking down on your flowers and herbs will give you the sense that they are rising up from the earth to meet you.


We also do a great deal of Spanish moss landscaping in garden design.
Spanish moss can work as a garden element in practically every garden design if the landscaper knows where to use it and how much of it to use. One of the best places to build such a garden is around a patio home where there is very little yard space and maybe only a few smaller trees. In these environments we customize garden to fit the home, the yard, the hardscape, and limited tree growth.

Spanish moss can be used for more than simple concealment of garden mechanics here. It can actually be used as a garden element that expresses some unique theme appropriate to the specific property within which it resides. Even modern and contemporary gardens can be built with Spanish moss as a distinguishing organic element.

The indigenous connection that Spanish moss landscaping lends to your Houston home makes it the perfect accent to any tree or tall shrub in your garden.
The trees that our team focuses on the most are those trees whose branches spread out in a broad canopy. Each branch provides an excellent place to mount strands of moss. These strands are normally measured and cut by the team to be 18-24 inches in length. We then drape them over branches by hand to give the tree a full, balanced, and healthy expression of itself.

Spanish moss landscaping benefits both wildlife and human gardening endeavors.
Many forms of wildlife depend on Spanish moss. Birds and squirrels use it as nesting material. Other creatures find that it provides a great place to hide or take a rest from the heat. Gardeners benefit from its presence in gardens, flower pots, and planters because it deters cats from scratching in the soil and using it for litter.