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Moss Landscaping with Ponds

If you can’t figure out how to make a natural pond work for your back yard, consider how it can work if it is highlighted with moss landscaping. Houston has an ideal climate for planting mosses of all kinds of species. These mosses can grow on boulders, waterfall ledges, logs, and tree roots and make you a true wilderness scene no matter how large or small your yard is.

Exterior Worlds makes this happen with a pragmatic approach to natural pond design. We take an honest look at what is, and what stands in the way. Then, we work with what is in a way that creates a desirable outcome regardless of the challenges we are facing. This workaround power is one of the greatest advantages offered by moss landscaping.

Houston lots often appear too small for natural ponds. People fear that there simply isn’t enough room to make a pond look “natural” like one a larger tract of forest would appear. This would be true if we were only going to rely on trees, grass, and bushes to decorate our pond. Vegetation this tall would quickly imbalance the aesthetic of the yard if we weren’t too careful.

This is not so if we accent the pond with moss landscaping. Houston yards, no matter how small, almost always have trees. So long as we have some type of canopy, we have the potential for a forest like scene with a pond. Moss carpeting under the trees, moss on tree roots, and moss covered boulders and rocks gives the pond distinction, but it does not overpower the eye with excessive vertical impact.


Another great thing about moss landscaping a Houston pond is the ability to unify utility equipment look like it has become nature itself. You may have one of those yards with irrigation channels, pipes, or standing meters whose presence you can do nothing about.

You may have tried planting vegetation around them, but his only makes it look like you are using grass, hedges, and flowers to cover up something lovely. We can do something much better for you by covering them with moss.

No doubt you have already scene ruins of past civilization in the woods covered with moss. Such a sight is comforting to many, because it looks like nature is reclaiming the things that once destroyed it and winning after all.

To others it appears almost like a fairy tale to see a manmade object covered with moss. Landscaping Houston properties that have such obstructions and look too “new” can look old and beautiful again with a few skillful applications of the right type of hearty moss grown in the right places.