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Growing Moss for Houston Landscaping Projects

Many of you have expressed increased levels of interest in growing moss for landscaping in Houston.
Our recent series of articles on this topic have been published with the intention of showing just how many different elements can be created with moss that will compliment any yard, garden, or outdoor architectural motif.

While the design possibilities are truly endless, getting moss to successfully take hold in your yard can also be an endless chore of frustration if you do not seek professional assistance for the project.
While this form of plant life is very ancient and primitive, it is not easy to obtain or cultivate like flowers, hedges, or trees.

Nurseries see little commercial value in growing moss for landscaping in Houston.
Additionally, moss does not grow from seeds, but rather from spores. It takes botanical expertise to understand how to get new plant life to emerge from a completely different reproductive cycle than that which most do-it-yourself gardeners are familiar with.

In most cases, it is even easier for professionals to transplant moss rather than to get it started from spores.
Again, however, this brings us back to the difficulty in finding a source without the right professional channels to obtain, transport, and get it started in your back yard.


Not only will Exterior Worlds handle all the difficult preliminaries involved in growing moss for landscaping a Houston yard, but we will also prepare your yard itself to work as an ideal environment for your plantings to take hold, grow, flourish, and beautify your property.

The first thing we do is test the acidity of the soil.
You may have already read on many other websites that moss grows best in a soil pH between 5.0 and 6.0. If your soil is higher than 6.5, however, your moss will likely wither and die if the soil is not treated. Our team will test your soil and alter the pH to ensure that whatever moss we transplant for you will receive instant vitality from its new home.

After this, we balance moisture and humidity to create optimal conditions for the continued growing of moss.
Houston landscaping always requires concealed irrigation systems to counterbalance the extreme dry spells that crack the ground. A concealed drainage system will also be needed so that periodic flash flooding does not overwhelm the growth with standing water.

Finally, growing moss for landscaping in Houston requires constant protection from the hot afternoon sun.
Morning light is good for moss, but after 10am in the summer, the heat will burn and kill it. Our team will locate the premium spots under trees and hedges that will provide the much needed shade factor to protect your moss from the most scorching hours of the day.

If necessary, we will plant trees, bushes, or gardens that will provide this shade factor.
On more modern landscapes, we can also use inorganic structures to create shade and integrate moss into a contemporary garden design or stepping stone walkway.