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Moss Landscaping and Stepping Stones

Your entire yard can be superbly adorned with moss landscaping. Houston is home to all manner of properties that are distinguished by many different landscaping designs.

By combiningmoss landscaping and stepping stone design, Exterior Worlds can build a network of trails throughout your property that take your guests on a wonder world of adventure any time you venture outdoors.

Moss capped rocks can serve as landmarks along this trail. They can mark the location of gardens, natural ponds, arbor, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, patios, and even outdoor art. No landscape, be it traditional, formal, or modern, cannot be enhanced with selective, controlled plantings of moss.


The most important thing to remember about moss landscaping with stepping stones is that you do not want the moss to grow on the stones themselves. This will create a slip hazard in addition to obscuring the stonework itself.

If you are going to invest in a moss stepping stone design, make arrangements for regular landscape maintenance to keep the moss vibrant and healthy around the stones, but never let it grow on the stones themselves.

Aside from this one restriction of never letting the moss grow on the stone tops, we can otherwise do whatever we like when moss landscaping Houston yards with stepping stone walkways.

We based the size and geometry of the stones on home architecture and landscape theme, and we support the surrounding organic life with species and colors of moss most appropriate to the type of garden, lawn, and tree growth you have.

In some yards, moss is better planted around the stones in a way that makes it appear to be filling in the spaces between the edges of the rocks.

In other yards, a moss carpet covers a section of the yard with the stepping stone walkway running across the carpet so you have places to walk without stepping on the lush undergrowth.

The geometry and sizes of stepping stones should complement home and garden style. Sometimes stones are highly symmetrical in form and arrangement. In other yards, asymmetrical patterns work better for moss landscaping Houston yards with more unique themes.

One example would be a walkway similar to a running bond brick walkway, but much more freeform in design. It involves a simple alternating pattern between flat rectangular blocks.

The first block is laid as the originating stone. A second block is then laid from left to right with the end extending to the center of the foundation block. A third block is then laid down from right to left with the left end extended to the center of the second block.

Subsequent stepping stones are laid out in this sequence, and moss is planted in the spaces between the blocks and around their ends. The result looks much like a railroad track running through green fields. This is an ideal support element for moss landscaping a Houston yard that has a traditional, historical, or Early American themes.

Another moss landscaping stepping stone design utilizes square stones to emulate cobblestone walkways. This makes for an excellent transit area through an English garden. Moss can grow between the spaces to make the scene look older than it is. It also helps create a sense that life is not as tightly controlled as it appears at face value.

Moss landscaping in Houston modernist yards can be accomplished by combining gravel beds, circular stepping stone pads, and unique, highly colorful species of moss. Some mosses even look like little flowers and shrubs, and when they come up in colors other than green, they contribute to the abstract, challenging aesthetic innate to contemporary landscape design.