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Moss Rocks Landscaping

One of the most important ingredients of successful moss landscaping in Houston is the use of moss rocks.
Moss covered rocks add many unique aesthetics to a variety of landscape elements. Perhaps even more importantly, they add vertical impact to flat terrain. This helps to elevate everything within visual range regardless of whether or not the rocks are located near to other forms.

Moss rocks landscaping under trees instantly adds a sense of drama, interest, and antiquity to the scene.
We unconsciously associate moss covered rocks with old forests Mythic fairy tales depict old forests as dark, damp, and thriving with tree roots and rocks covered with moss. Covering the ground underneath trees with mossy rocks is therefore one of the simplest—and also most effective—methods of using moss landscaping in Houston to give a younger property a sense of mystique.

Even in a smaller yard, moss landscaping a Houston property will have a profoundly transformative impact on the terrain.
So long as a group of trees has grown tall enough to cast a shaded area underneath the limbs, carefully chosen stones that are covered with moss can create the illusion of a very ancient scene behind a home that is less than 15 years old.

This is perfect place to have us build a small private courtyard with a custom fountain for two. On evenings after work, such a retreat can literally take a couple back in time, and far removed from the stress of everyday affairs.


There are also many Houston properties with very old and very large trees growing on them.
Not every new home building program removes original tree growth. There are parts of the city where trees well over a hundred years old grow behind houses. Here, shady areas may dominate a very significant portion of a larger yard. In some cases the area under the trees is so dark that people have trouble getting lawn grass to grow in the spaces between the trees.

On these properties, boulders can be used for rock moss landscaping.
Houston residences along Buffalo Bayou particularly benefit from this landscaping theme because the ground is often pronounced by a noticeable grade that slopes gently in the direction of the bayou.

Moss covered boulders can be used to create a true wilderness experience in a person’s backyard. They can also play a role similar to that of retaining walls in landscaping. Very large boulders aesthetically “anchor” the scene. They can also be used to indicate the boundaries of a yard that borders on city land adjacent to Buffalo Bayou or one of its tributaries.

One does not have to have a wilderness theme or live on a large lot to benefit from moss landscaping.
Houston homes on very small lots will also benefit from the decorative aspects of moss. Mossy rocks can accent flower beds around patio homes, townhomes, and condominiums. They also offer the added benefit by making it difficult for squirrels and other animals to dig around the flowers.

Homes on small lots may also look too “busy” with equipment that visibly stands out. Some of this equipment, such as meters, pipes, conduits, and power cords, may not be equipment that can be moved due to lack of available storage space. Using moss covered rocks to hide these eyesores is a great way to cost effectively transforming unsightly scenes beautiful ones.