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Natural Waterfalls
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Natural Waterfalls

Water Falls and Fountains

Waterfall fountains add vertical impact to the landscape. They contribute light, sound, and the vitality of movement to the entire outdoor living experience.

Because they can be customized to any type of landscape design, they can be as natural as you want them to be, or as contemporary as your imagination can envision.

Consider what your backyard will look like as an oasis sustained by a natural waterfall fountain.

While its mechanics are purely man-made, its aesthetic is completely true to all natural forms. No one but you and your landscape designer will ever know it is an artificial element driven by very sophisticated machinery concealed underground.

From the vantage point of the guests you invite to your personal paradise, your waterfall will look like something sprung from the very heart of the wilderness itself.

A waterfall fountain can be created as part of a pond or a stream.

Both designs are highly attractive and make for superb outdoor living experiences. Choosing the best design for you should be based on the size of your property and the architecture of your home.


Residents with smaller homes and yards have less physical geography to work with. In these environments, it is often better to create a natural pond that is fed by a waterfall fountain. Trees and hedges around the water can seal it off from the outside world. This creates a very intense feeling of privacy that allows the homeowner to step into a completely different reality.

Neither the pond nor the falls have to be all that large to be significant. So long as the rocks are arranged in believable patterns that look natural, the size of the waterfall is not that important. What you are seeking in the experience is the sound of the moving water pouring over the rocks and into water, and this can be accomplished in the most limited of spaces if necessary.

If you want to swim in your natural pond, we can actually build it as a swimming pool disguised as a natural landform.

The same principles used in other types of swimming pool design will be applied here. Obviously the mechanics themselves will be concealed, however, in order to maintain the illusion of a body of water untouched by human hands.

Keep in mind that the natural pond design is only one way to integrate a waterfall fountain into your landscape design.

A retaining wall can be built at the far end of your property that functions as the headwaters of the streams. The falls will pour over its sides and feed a stream that winds through a tropical garden and terminates in a shallow fish pond.

Such an element affords you all sorts of possibilities for seating and transit areas. You can line the stream with benches, and have us build you a stone bridge that crosses over the stream to provide you with a prime observation point from which to watch the lighted falls at night.

If you prefer a more modern look to your landscape, waterfall fountains can also be built with contemporary designs.

One way to do this is to build a sheer concave wall out of concrete and uplight its interior with waterproof lighting fixtures. The water will originate from concealed jets at the top and pour down the sides of the wall. Concealed drains at the bottom of the structure will collect the water and recycle it back to its source.

If you like to use your yard to showcase outdoor contemporary sculpture, a waterfall fountain like this can serve as the focal point for your entire outdoor collection.

Visitors will be drawn to the water and light. Along the way, the aesthetic of each piece on display will appear enhanced by the mystique of reflected illuminance.

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