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Water Fountains for Gardens

Water adds a unique dynamic to Houston landscaping design. Its fluidity contributes a feeling of movement that is very tranquil in spite of its dynamic energy. Its unique properties allow it to both reflect and refract light like a prism, making it equally attractive in daylight and fascinating to behold at nighttime under landscape lights.

Water fountains for gardens reinforce the organic essence of the design because all living things depend on water for life. Fountains also create a much needed vertical impact that lends drama and interest to the garden

Garden fountains can be made from a variety of materials that support the type of garden design we are developing. In contemporary gardens, vegetation is minimal. Hardscapes are emphasized more than organic life. A fountain in this setting will likely be made out of decorative concrete. This reinforces the stark absolutes of modern design and brings the preeminence of the garden to the forefront of the mind’s eye.


In tropical designs, water fountains for gardens are often built from rocks that disguise them as waterfalls. This creates fluidity in two directions. The water coming up from the rocks has the vertical impact of a natural spring.

As it pours down the rocks, it takes on the form of a small river running through a tropical jungle. With the right stones positioned in the right places, a small garden can be made to look much larger than it is with the presence of running water bisecting its interior.

Other water fountains for gardens are intended to occupy a central place in the middle of a courtyard where people sit. Variations of a number of formal garden designs will often incorporate something simple like a few stone benches, a gravel, circular courtyard, and a marble fountain situated in the exact center of the courtyard.

When professionally illuminated, such a fountain provides a focal point for gatherings with an aesthetic structure people can gather around in the evenings. During the daytime, it also encourages people to take a stroll through the garden by drawing the eye toward its location with the flowing movement of water catching the daylight and reflecting it in all directions through the yard.

If you are planning to invest in a Houston landscaping plan that features a number of sophisticated garden designs, then water fountains for gardens are some of the best ways to advertise your softscapes to visiting guests who walk through your yard. Few people can resist the urge to walk toward a tranquil, glistening display of moving water.

Other garden fountains are constructed as elements of larger central structures. In a garden courtyard, for example, a wall fountain might be built into a wall to create a focal point for seated guests.

This type of fountain would combine light, masonry, and movement to form an aesthetic anchor for the converging courtyard walls, the lighted vegetation, and the trees looming above the tops of the masonry.

Water fountains for gardens can also be part of other bodies of water. A small natural pond or modified infinity pool can have a fountain in its center. This works very well in garden patios because it adds a vertical dimension to the water surrounded by sophisticated patterns of hardscape design.

Such custom water features are not limited to garden designs, either. They can also be part of contemporary terraces, entry gardens, and central focal points for outdoor modern art displays.