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Waterfall Design Can Give Children Hours of Safe, Supervised Pla

While there are many good public venues that are safe and entertaining for children to enjoy, there are also many dangers out there. One way to give children an exciting play environment in the safety of their own back yard is through a waterfall design by Exterior Worlds. Creating an environment like this that is easy to supervise offers children hours of carefree fun, and it provides tremendous relief for parents who no longer have to worry feel when kids stay gone too long.

Because waterfalls are appealing to people of all ages, it is possible to create a waterfall design that is age appropriate to children at any stage of development. For example, children that are too young to swim in a pool can still stand under a gentle waterfall and enjoy the feeling of a cool outdoor shower on a hot summer day.

Such a waterfall can be built over a brushed concrete patio whose surface is designed for traction. This will prevent children from slipping and falling while they play in the water. The patio will also have concealed drains built into its surface so that the water immediately goes underground and returns to the source by means of remote, silent, and hidden pumps.


The waterfall design itself can range from an all out natural, wilderness look to an ultra contemporary look. To create a natural look, we would hand lay stones in a formation that water could cascade down onto the patio below. This formation can either be a standalone structure or a retaining wall that rises up from the horizontal plane of the Houston landscape.

For a more contemporary look, a sheer wall can act as the backbone for the waterfall. Many contemporary fountains, as a matter of fact, use this design. A sheer vertical surface is built with water jets concealed along the top. The water flows out of these jets and down the sheer vertical face of the wall.

A waterfall design based upon this model would have a wall with a slight overhand that would send the sheets of water down a few feet in front of the wall. This way, children could stand next to the wall and be showered by sheets of water that cover then as they rain down.

Most children who are old enough to swim, though, are going to want to do more than stand under the falls. Whenever kids get into a pool, they love to splash around, dive, and play water sports. There are all types of custom swimming pools we can build for kids that will allow them to do exactly that. Waterfall design can be integrated into any of these forms to provide an additional source of enjoyment for children at play in the water.

Natural swimming pools, for example, almost have to have a waterfall to look natural. Children love to dive off of rocks into the bottom of the falls below. We build these diving areas with safety foremost in mind.

Rocks with rough surfaces prevent kids from falling. The size of the rocks often makes them look like they are higher above the pond surface than they really are, so the kids are not really diving that far to reach the water. Additionally, pool depth beneath these rocks is more than sufficient to absorb the momentum of the dive so children will not harm themselves on the bottom of the pool.

Waterfall design can also be a part of luxury swimming pool and modern swimming pool design. Pools can actually consist of more than one level, with falls cascading from higher levels to lower levels below. Children can swim under the falls and enjoy the dynamic flow of water all around them, much like adults sitting in a spa do.

These illustrations represent only a few possibilities in a world of possible waterfall designs that can enhance the play time of children who may be itching to get out into a world that is not the best place for them. Exterior Worlds is committed to creating something fun for these kids that is engineered for safety and easily monitored by continual parental supervision. We are also committed to building structures that enhance the aesthetic of the home and compliment the surrounding landscape elements.