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Pond Fountains

Pond fountains add vertical impact, form, and color to natural ponds and garden ponds. For homeowners who are interested in eco-friendly landscape design, they also help sustain oxygen levels within the water that support fish and other aquatic organisms. A fountain can be built anywhere within a pond, and it can be customized to behave in some very remarkable ways.

Pond fountains are the best way to keep the water aerated for fish. Unless you are planning to go swimming in your pond, stocking it with goldfish, koi, or some other hardy species is a great way to add an extra dimension of life to the experience. We can plant the appropriate grasses that will create enough of an ecosystem for fish to have a food chain to live on and shelter to hide from wild cats and birds. The fountain will generate sufficient disturbance in the water to keep it oxygenated and healthy. This is the best way to have a low maintenance fish pond for your family and guests to enjoy.

In gardens, bodies of water are often essential to the particular style of garden we are designing. The problem is that water features can easily be overshadowed by taller plants and shrubs. While the garden pond looks superb once you are standing right next to it, it is obscured to those who are looking at the garden from the outside in.


A pond fountain will quickly correct this by generating a dynamic focal point whose vertical impact and motion immediately capture the attention of visitors. It will draw the eye straight to the center of the garden, and it will pull the viewer to the edge of the garden pond. This is a great way to bring people into a small garden courtyard for social gatherings in the evening. The water acts as both the lure and the anchor around which the gathering forms.

Pond fountains can compound the dimensions of an entire landscape. When professionally designed, they can disperse water in many unique different patterns that reflect the light like a mirror at times, and refract it into a rainbow of colors at others. This looks impressive enough during the daytime. However, the true power of this aesthetic is becomes most evident at night under the influence of professional outdoor lighting.

A fountain can be illuminated with a variety of up lights and down lights that create layers of dazzling effect in the moving water. Additionally, new underwater LED lighting now makes it possible to light a fountain from within its own interior. A combination of white light and colored light can be utilized to create the most spectacular of scenes.

Most pond fountains are built at the center of a pond in order to lend a sense of symmetry to a scene. There are instances, however, where the pond may be so asymmetrical itself that the water spout looks more appealing when placed either to one side of the water’s edge, or at the far end of the pond away from the main viewing area.

Much depends, too, on what impact the water spout has on its surroundings. The colors and forms it generates are not isolated aesthetics, but rather contributing accents to a myriad of hardscapes, architectural motifs, and softscape elements with which it is inextricably intertwined and related.