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Small Yard Become Alive and Exci
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Small Yard Become Alive and Exci

Exterior Worlds will Make Your Small Yard Become Alive and Exciting with the Living Energy of a Koi Pond

With the living energy of a koi pond custom built for you by Exterior Worlds, the backyard just beyond your living room or kitchen can be turned into a vibrant extension of indoor space that expands your home and enlarges the appearance of your property.

Even if the luxury landscape features like formal gardens, courtyards, entry gardens, outdoor fireplaces, and hill landscapes that some of your friends have might not be elements that can be successfully created in your yard due to limited lot size, your yard can still be made to look like the best property on your block.

Imagine a koi pond just beyond the threshold of your living room. The pond is geometrically complimentary to the architectural style of your home. It not only fits your yard’s dimensions in terms of style, but it also looks like a virtual image of your home transposed upon the terrain of your landscape.

A patio lines the edge of the water, filled with weather resistant outdoor furniture. A walkway, made from the same materials as your patio, runs back to your home to the threshold of your house.

What you have, in effect here, is an extension of indoor space into outdoor space. The actual size of your yard becomes irrelevant at this point, because the aesthetic is centralized on the water, the swimming fish, and the patio and walkway design that link them back to your home interior.

This provides you with a very powerful tool in creating unique and memorable home entertainment venues for family, clients, and friends. If the weather is warm, clear, and mosquitoes are few, you can open your living room and use your kitchen-dining area as the serving area for dinner and drinks. The living room, walkway, and koi pond patio are transformed into a unified realm of entertainment.


Your guests will love the sense of freedom that the open sky and illuminated pond brings to their senses. As they stroll along the walkway and stand by the patio to watch the fish play in the lighted water, their eyes will see the koi pond as part of an enlarged, luxury home environment.

This perception of enlargement actually tricks the eye into seeing the entire landscape as enlarged. Never will they notice how “small” you yard is,

Now it may not be possible to always blend the indoor and outdoor environments this way during certain times of the year. There are rains, there are a few months of cold, and there are terrible swarms of mosquitoes that plague us.

Such circumstances should not discourage us from investing in a koi pond, small landscape design, however. By positioning the structure in clear view of the home interior, guests can still enjoy its beauty even though directly experiencing it may not be possible from a comfort zone perspective.

Lights suspended in overhanging trees, and LED underwater lights that shine from underneath the peaceful movements of the fish, will make your pond the premier keynote of your party regardless of where your guests are actually seated.

For more the 20 years Exterior Worlds has specialized in servicing many of Houston’s fine neighborhoods.