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Tricks for backyard ponds

A backyard pond is a self-contained ecosystem that maintains its vitality with hidden circulation systems, plant life, and natural materials lining the bottom that help filter pollutants from the water. Decorative elements such as waterfalls, rock formations, and gravel beds are also typically added to create a back to nature look that is becoming very popular with many Houston landscaping clients as more and more people in our city become conscious of going green.

Water ponds can be illuminated as well so that homeowners can enjoy them at twilight, late at night, or early in the morning before sunrise. Large flat boulders can be laid along the shoreline to create a natural stone patio that looks just like the rocky shoreline of a mountain lake. These rocks can be arranged in a way that creates a superb, stable surface on which to mount lawn furniture for comfortable seating.

Stone benches can also be placed around the water if you prefer a more formal, European sense of being outdoors in an antiquated place where nature mixes with old ruins.

It is very important to have a professional Houston landscaping expert help you choose the best location for your backyard pond. While you will want a certain amount of shade to fall over the banks and the water, you do not want the water itself directly under tree branches. Otherwise, you will end up having to constantly remove dead leaves and moss from your pond.

Also, you do not want such a natural wonder to be concealed from any main line of site in your Houston landscaping plan. The pond should be clearly visible from your back windows, your swimming pool patio, your major walkways, and any patios that you enjoy sitting on outside. By keeping it within the clear line of sight from all major zones of interest, we can ensure that you will be able to enjoy backyard pond even more when it is illuminated by landscape lighting at night.

Plant material is then added by Houston landscaping designers to make the pond look authentically natural. There are several types of plants that grow in water. Some grow up from the bottom, while others float on the surface of the water. Both are necessary to create a balanced ecosystem where insect larvae, water landing insects, and fish that eat insects can thrive in a natural cycle of life.


Fish life in natural backyard ponds varies according to pond size. If the pond is considerably large, it can serve as a koi pond. Koi fish will eat smaller fish, so larger pond is necessary to maintain a food chain of multiple species. Koi also need a great deal of structure and shade to hide from predators.

Smaller ponds are better stocked with goldfish that eat small insect and insect larvae. One advantage to having Houston landscaping experts stock the pond with goldfish is they are natural mosquito controllers.

A backyard pond that is pest free is much easier to enjoy, and the brightly colored goldfish can be clearly seen in the landscape lighting on summer nights when people gather at the water’s edge for drinks, conversation, and good company.