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Landscape garden designers from Exterior Worlds integrate advanced knowledge of botany, horticulture, and landscape architecture to develop designs that unite home architecture with Houston landscapes. Designers engineer drainage and irrigation systems that maintain appropriate water levels at all times, regardless of seasonal rainfall. Landscape maintenance contractors ensure that proper fertilization and pruning are done at the right times for the many plants that grow in the garden.

Designers begin with a consultation where homeowners freely share their desires and ideas. Clients are encouraged to show our team pictures of gardens that they like. They can also list specific types of plants for which they have a particular liking. Our consultants will then turn this wish list into a workable plan of action that develops forms that correspond to the feelings that clients wish to experience in their own garden.

This requires a great deal of expertise in Houston landscape architecture. To make a garden work with the home, it must compliment the structural motifs of the house. Also, it must be designed in scale and scope to surrounding Houston landscaping elements in order to keep it proportional with other zones of interest in the outdoor living environment. Landscape garden designers choose locations for softscapes very carefully in order to preserve the delicate balance between the garden’s relationship with the house and other landscape features such as pools, patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens, and tree walls.

The garden itself must also represent a unique space that can function on its own as a special environment once people enter its perimeter. Landscape garden designers must create a sense of separation that makes the garden interior feel abstracted from the outside world without completely shutting it out.

Trees or shrubs that create levels of vertical impact, garden decorations, fountains, and private seating areas are just a few methods we use to accomplish this. Even more seclusion can be created by constructing gazebos or pergolas in the center of the garden where residents can retreat entirely from the outside world whenever they choose.


Plant selection is based upon a blend of subjective emotion and a practical need to integrate the garden’s aesthetic into that of the yard as a whole. If a particular species desired by a homeowner is not really workable for the Houston landscaping design in its entirety, landscape garden designers will recommend alternatives that will nonetheless create the same, if not better, desired emotional state in the minds of residents.

Landscape maintenance plans will be recommended to preserve the viability of any and all plants ultimately installed in the garden. No matter how rare or exotic, our team will watch over the contents of the garden on a quarterly basis. Fertilization, pruning, and soil amendments will be done on a case-by-case basis in order to sustain the attraction factor that the garden contributes to property curb appeal.

Landscape garden designers offer these ongoing services to preserve the investment of the homeowner. While some gardens may be less expensive to install than others, all gardens can be seen as highly cost effective in the long run when we take the point of view that a garden well preserved is a garden that generates ongoing curb appeal to the home. It is not uncommon for Houston landscaping clients to receive more than their investment back if they ever choose to sell their home at some future point in time.