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Gardening in Houston

One of the things that really work well for gardening in Houston is Gulf Coast humidity. The high humidity is truly great for growing a wide variety of plant species, many of whom are non-native. A significant number of Houston gardens are comprised of some very exotic foreign species mingled with luxuriant tropical kinds that normally grown in very wet parts of the world. Moving such a plant to Houston is like moving it to a home a home away from home characterized by same hot, humid weather found in its native land.

There is one downside to the humidity and heat here, however. Fungus also loves the heat index in our city and considers any garden a veritable paradise buffet. Serious gardening in Houston must therefore be maintained by landscaping professionals who know how to kill fungus without harming the plants.

Another wonderful advantage that the weather affords to gardening in Houston is a very low frequency of freezes. Yes, freezing does happen here, but never that much, and never without plenty of warning. Landscape maintenance crews can mobilize quickly and get plants covered up before the thermometer hits 32 degrees.

Because of this, many types of palms and tropical flowering plants do very well in all parts of our city. In fact, they are highly favored varieties frequently used in many different styles of gardening in Houston that require a high level of customization or a very uniquely cultural motif.

The type of soil we have in Southeast Texas is also very good for gardening in Houston. The Houston landscape rarely has rocks mixed into the soil. The clay-like dirt is very easily to till into a very loose, fibrous composition ideal for planting and growing.

Plants that normally grown in rockier and sandier environments can be easily accommodating by mixing land and gravel with Houston soil to create the equivalent of their native environment.

There is one major challenge to gardening in Houston that requires serious garden lovers to seek outside help when planting a garden. That disadvantage is topography. The flat terrain our city is built is some of the flattest land found anywhere in the world. It offers no drainage, and subsequently creates an constant, imminent threat of flooding in times of seasonally heavy rainfall.

Fortunately, Exterior Worlds can work around this by building subterranean pumps that draw excess rain water away from gardens. These pumps are silent and completely concealed. They do not protrude visibly into the landscape and consequently pose no threats to aesthetics.

One of the biggest reasons not to attempt do-it-yourself gardening in Houston is the virtual impossibility of building an effective pump AND effectively concealing it. However, an experienced landscape designer can do this for you and ensure the longevity and the beauty of your garden design.

The best time of year to plant a garden in Houston is the period between October and May the following year. While it is common to continually add to a new garden throughout the year, October is still the very best month to design and install one from the ground up.