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Garden and landscaping services transform your property into a work of art. Like any work of art, there are key points of interest, unique variations of color, and calculated interplays of light and shadow. This makes your yard look multi-dimensional in its expression of beauty.

It also provides you with more opportunities for Houston outdoor living, because the many elements that evolve from garden and landscaping services ultimately become hotspots for entertainment.

Your lawn is an important part of garden and landscaping design that requires professional attention and skill. Your lawn is like a canvas. It serves as the backdrop of your garden and landscape design and establishes the degree of openness that your back yard or front yard communicates to guests.

The more grass in your yard, the more a sense of vastness. The more hardscape and conscious cultivation of softscape elements, the more isolated points of interests become.

Different garden and landscape methods are used in yards of varying sizes. In larger yards, the property is divided into zones of interest. Although interconnected in terms of overall theme, each zone is uniquely individual in terms of the individual motifs and designs used to develop it.

Not only does this make the property look less overwhelming to guests, but it also increases opportunities for gathering, recreation, and entertainment.

For example, we could take the first zone in a large lot and build an arbor with an adjoining garden pergola. Both structures could be lit to provide a very private, exclusive seating area for residents or special guests. In the second zone of the property, we could build a larger, hand-laid stone patio and a lighted natural swimming pool nestled underneath forest-like trees.

Even more public space could be created in a third zone, where a swimming pool and flagstone patio could function as a transition area between the house and the rest of the back yard. The fourth zone could be developed into a garden courtyard centered on exotic vegetation and a custom fountain. This could be a place purely for conversation under the stars.

There are also just as many garden and landscaping methods that can be used to make a smaller property look much bigger than it is. One method is to build smaller patios and limit the physical size of gardens in order to give greater emphasis to the grassy parts of the lawn.

In areas where shade trees might have killed patches of grass, shade resistant grasses and flowering plant plants can extend the greenery up to the bases of the trees.

As far as planting trees themselves goes, there are several things to consider. Trees of any size can be introduced to any Houston landscape. However, one must be careful not to have trees installed too close to a garden that needs a lot of sunlight to survive.

If trees are a deliberate component of a custom garden and landscape plan, they either need to be planted in conjunction with shade resistant species, or they need to be planted in a location where they can complement the garden’s aesthetic without completely overshadowing it.

On a larger lot, it is possible to plant a veritable forest of large trees near the back of your yard and still have plenty of room left over for formal garden and landscaping work in the middle and front portions of the yard. Smaller yards do not afford this luxury however, so we have to develop workarounds to the limited space.

We can use smaller trees, such as Japanese maple or Japanese Yew, as actual garden elements, or we can plant gardens parallel to the shade line of the trees so that flowering plants always remain in the sun. A third method that is also very popular is to plant a shade garden under the trees themselves using plants that grow better with minimal amounts of sunlight.