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Knot Gardens for Houston Townhomes

A knot garden features a formal boundary and an interior composed of any number of plant types. Vegetation may take the form of herbs, or it may consist of a variety of ground cover shrubs. Occasionally, very small trees are planted in the larger gardens. Flowering plants are not commonly used because different shades of green are used to create the many layers of color within the garden’s interior.

Because these gardens can be designed as large or as small as we want them to be, they are ideal for Houston townhomes. Townhomes generally have limited lawn space, and a garden that can be customized to the size of the lawn can immediately add a very strong attraction factor to the residence.

Knot gardens are best viewed from above, which is another reason why they are such a good addition to townhome yards and courtyards. Most townhomes in Houston enjoy an elevated vantage point from a living area poised above a garage. Looking down from a window from such a dwelling, one can take in every detail of garden design. If herbs are used, one can actually smell the aroma of the garden rising up in the air.


The size of the garden is designed in strict proportional to available space. In private backyards under individually owned Houston townhomes, small herb gardens can beautifully center lawn grass, flower beds, and potted plants set out on patios and cinder blocks.

In townhome communities, larger knot gardens can be planted in the shared courtyard between several different dwellings. The varying shades of green and near-yellow will immediately upgrade the aesthetic of St. Augustine grass and common low growth bushes.

Another thing that makes this garden style such a perfect complement to a Houston townhome is its geometric flexibility. The outer border of a garden can be square, linear, or circular plantings. The interior will often feature a very different geometric design. Creative expression is always contained within the formal boundaries of the garden, but it never appears limited.

For example, you may see a square garden with something that looks like an X connecting its corners. In the corners, vegetation may grow in circles, or even a spiral. If the garden is large enough, you may also see small trees in the corner. Alternatively, a round garden may feature a spiral interior or something that loosely resembles a diamond. These are just a few examples of what we can do here.

If the townhome features a very conservative architecture with a distinctively modern look, then the exterior geometry of a knot garden should look like a square or a rectangle to support the home’s linearity. The interior can be a bit more diversified. It can feature patterns of growth that support the vertical impact of the residence. Architectural features such as windows, rafters, rooftop designs, and chimneys can also be complemented by the organic patterns of the garden below.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are many Houston townhomes that feature some of the most ornate architecture in the city. Not only do they look formal; they look luxurious. These dwellings can be superbly complimented by a circular garden design ornamented with an interior built in the shape of a Celtic knot. This is a very complex design that looks like organic embroidery. The Celtic knot design can be formed by shrubs, or it can be created by using different colors of herbs that make it look like a true living fabric growing out of the earth.

For a group of tightly clustered townhomes standing in a row, the best knot garden may be a long linear run that stretches through the length of the central courtyard area. This is an excellent way to decorate a fallow area between two sidewalks. It looks much more innovative than simply planted hedges along the concrete to frame the lawn grass.

Townhome communities that seek to lease units should contact Exterior Worlds about the possibility of using knot garden design to attract new tenants. Something that will be clearly seen by everyone from both within and without their dwellings is sure to be a strong motivation to rent.