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Houston home garden design constitutes the very life force of a landscape.
The presence of living, growing plants and flowers adds a dynamic element to one’s lifestyle in a way that distinguishes outdoor living from indoor living. Perhaps the greatest benefit it offers is a link between the home and the natural environment that preserves the integrity and the uniqueness of the natural realm.

Gardens support the architecture of the house and help generate a comfortable transition from indoors to outdoors. The absence of garden plants will often create too stark a contrast between the house and the surrounding landscape. Adding greenery generates a comfortable outdoor living space for the homeowner that feels warm, inviting, and refreshing.

This is why most gardens are planted right up against the house. When the homeowner steps beyond the threshold of the home, there is an immediate change in energy. The predominance of organic elements opens the mind to outdoor experiences, and it sets the tone for the entire landscape.

To a very large extent, Houston home garden design is based on what Houstonians plan to be doing in their yards. Landscape designers spend a great deal of time in consultation with clients in order to understand their intentions on how different spaces will be used.

Outdoor spaces are subsequently shaped in accordance with the activities that will be hosted within them. Understanding as many specifics as possible about a given activity and how many people will be attending various events helps design teams develop aesthetic and functional garden elements.

Virtually any outdoor structure or special are can be home to a garden of some sort. One of the advantages that Houston offers the homeowner is nice weather for 9 months out of the year. Spas, living rooms, pools, and canopy-covered can create environments that are pleasing to guests. Such places can be standing areas or seating areas where people can gather together for wine or coffee and enjoy weather.

Houston home and garden design also incorporates the construction of advanced outdoor buildings such as outdoor living rooms and outdoor terraces. These are highly sophisticated architectural features that introduce a very powerful inorganic presence into a yard. Planting gardens in front of these buildings and to either side of their walls makes will soften their architecture and more harmoniously blend its geometry into the surrounding fabric of the landscape.

Houston home and gardens can also be used to develop multiple landscape elements in a large yard. Larger yards will often exceed 3 acres in wealthier neighborhoods. They are characterized by a great deal of open space in the middle and back of the property. Such areas present a number of opportunities for landscapers to build patios, construct lighted trails, build ponds and fountains, and construct outdoor rooms and buildings.

Gardens in all of these areas can be much less formal and more freeform in design compared to those nearer the house. As guests move away from the home toward an outdoor fireplace, a quiet morning garden, or a canopy-covered patio in the rear of the property, the wilder elements of nature will function as an invitation to escape from the pressures of life inherent to the structured lifestyles of daily life and indoor living.