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Perhaps you have a yard crew with whom you’ve negotiated a favorable rate—but the contract provides little attention to your garden beds. Or maybe your lawn guy is someone for whom you feel a sense of loyalty because of your long years of association—but their expertise is not sophisticated home garden services and landscape maintenance. Then again, you might like everything about your lawn maintenance team, but want to install more intricate and design-forward plantings and hardscapes—something beyond their ken. Exterior Worlds can fill these gaps with our home garden services.

You can hire us to complement landscaping services you already have in place with one of our home garden services contacts. If you have, say, a technology-driven custom swimming pool with a pool water fountain and an irrigation system, we have the techno-savvy to maintain them for you. (We can also design and build them for you, by the way.) We also have relationships with specialists in the various landscaping fields and, because of our long-term association and the volume of business we do together, you get our preferred pricing. Plus we have the knowledge and experience to get landscape matters handled properly and in a timely manner.

The opportunity cost for high-net worth individuals to become entangled in the minutia of these landscaping items far outweighs the cost of hiring Exterior Worlds to handle them. Isn’t it a better use of your time to be in the office working rather than meeting with contractors, coordinating schedules and handling disputes? Not to mention freeing up the days that you have off, which are already rare and too short. You make one call to us and let us make the subsequent 25 calls to the various vendors, mechanics, craftsmen and builders. You could say that we act as property managers for your home and residence.


As a full service landscape company, Exterior Worlds can handle the full array of outside-the-home services that luxury homes require. These home garden services include:

  • Garden services. The upkeep of a sophisticated garden, excluding the maintenance and care of turf and lawn.
  • Tree preservation and tree protection
  • Irrigation systems—installation and maintenance
  • Landscape drainage systems—installation and maintenance
  • Outdoor kitchens, pavilions and outdoor rooms
  • Garden structures—garden arches, garden arbors, trellises
  • Custom swimming pools—installation and maintenance
  • Outdoor water fountains—installation
  • Hardscapes—maintain and repair elements in your landscape design, such as outdoor fireplaces, driveways and courtyards, patios, retaining walls and walkways and pathways
  • Fencing and gates—installation, repair and maintenance, including the repair of automatic gates and painting fences and gates.

Additionally, we perform duties such as cleaning the gutters, pressure-washing patios and other hard surfaces, and removing trees.

With our home garden services, the staff at Exterior Worlds is dedicated to providing unmatched service and convenience to our clients. For years, we have continually met and raised the standard for Houston landscaping services. Today, we remain committed to our founding principles of providing our customers with the best possible quality, service and value.

Since 1987, Exterior Worlds has provided landscape design and maintenance services to high-end clientele in the greater Houston area. Call us at 713-827-2255 for a private consultation.