High Quality Landscape

A High quality landscape is distinguished by exceptional softscape elements and impeccably designed hardscapes constructed of superior materials.
This combination creates an exceptional outdoor living space characterized by a quality of life that is comparable in terms of amenity to luxury indoor living. The elements that are essential to creating such an environment include exceptional soils, plants, trees, architecture, and construction methods.

A high quality landscape may be crafted out of any style of residential landscape design. The type of aesthetic is not the predicator here, but rather the level of intricacy evidenced in the forms and the exceptional level of construction and service that go into building landscaping elements.

One of the many remarkable things about high quality landscaping is its applicability to any type of home or yard. A front or back yard landscaped with luxury elements can only improve the appearance of the home—it can never diminish it. However, owners of smaller homes should not get carried away by a temptation to overinvest in property. A high quality yard should be priced proportionally to the resale value of the house.


When working on this level of aesthetic, landscape designers have to focus more on impeccable softscape elements than on hardscape elements. This is due to the fact that virtually any hardscape form, when correctly built to last and aesthetically compliment its surroundings, tends to reflect a high level of quality in its own respect.

Gardens, shrubbery, ornamental trees, and special grasses must then be cultivated with an aura of sophistication and symmetry so as to frame the inorganic with a sculpted layer of greenery and color that retains its natural life force within the confines of more sharply distinguished forms.

Hardscape elements are distinguished by the level of investment that is made investing in the material infrastructure of their respective structures. Adding beams and substructure to patios, arbors, and pools increases their longevity and stability, and it adds measurably superior material substance to the quality of landscaping design.

When planned with foresight and deliberation, the investment in a high quality landscape will definitely offer today’s homeowner financial reward by creating long-term sustainability. Superior garden designs, carefully manicured plant life, custom patio design, luxury pool construction, and custom water fountains can extend luxury living space into world beyond the threshold of the door, where home buyers are invited to experience a better quality of life on two fronts: one indoors; one outdoors.

As much of an investment as this represents in money, high quality landscape work does not have to inconvenience the homeowner in any other respect. Exterior Worlds will create such a realm in a manner that is stress-free for the client. One never has to worry about what is happening, because our team handles everything.

High quality landscaping can be done in any US city or neighborhood. It is not limited to luxury homes, but due to the need to weigh home value against property development costs, most of, most work of this type is done primarily around custom and luxury homes.