Garden Landscaping Ideas

There are many readily available sources of garden landscaping ideas. Literally thousands of pictures can be found in a single online image search. You can also look through home and garden magazines, which contain detailed descriptions of materials and methods used to build the forms.

Driving through a high-end neighborhood is a great way to get out of the house and absorb the many different formal styles that often characterize large estates. You may not be able to photograph yards in these neighborhoods, but you can still make a basic sketch to show to your designer when you get ready to have your garden installed.

Once you have collected all of your images, you can place them in a folder to show your landscaping professional. He or she can then help you customize the design to better compliment your personal residence. The degree to which garden landscaping ideas can be personalized in this fashion is one of the things that set professional landscape design apart from garden centers and lawn service companies.

If gatherings are planned in the garden, landscaping ideas should call for some sort of custom patio and seating. Ideally, the patio should be built in a location that offers multiple vantage points from which to enjoy the house, yard, and Houston landscape. Furniture style and color should correspond to the style of the garden. It should also be weather proofed in order to resist the variable climate of the Gulf Coast.

In our professional opinion, all garden landscaping ideas should include some sort of walkway or pathway. Paths can run through the garden, or they can run alongside it its border. In formal garden design, gravel and stone walkways are used to bisect the garden into complimentary mirror images of each other. Some designs, use bisecting axes to divide the garden into quadrants.


Not every path has to be straight, however. Only those garden designs that rely on strict linearity require linear walkways. More informal garden design ideas actually work better in some cases with a meandering path design that makes a small area look and more expansive. Such a walkway also has that same winding look about it that you see in rivers and valleys, so it is often a better pathway design to use if you are aiming for a more natural look to your landscape.

Landscape Lighting
All garden designs can be enhanced with professional lighting design. With today’s multitude of energy-efficient, low-voltage fixture options, and with the emergence of LED in many specialized forms of lighting, illuminating foliage, masonry, fountains, hedges, and trees has never been more cost-effective than it is now.

Curb Appeal
Throughout the city, there are many properties where the yard is challenged by at least one problem area between the house and another adjacent structure. This area is normally very asymmetrical and sometimes too small to do any large-scale development with. However, it is large enough to be noticed and create an eyesore.

An area like this is an ideal location for a custom garden landscaping idea that fits the exact proportions of the area. A small fountain or patio or fountain can even be built in such a garden to transform an otherwise unused piece of land into something beautiful. This is a great way to add curb appeal to your home.