Shade Tree Landscaping

Shade tree landscaping ads curb appeal to your property. The tabletop appearance of the flat Houston landscape becomes a completely different world when populated by the vertical impact of trees. Trees of varying heights create multiple levels of dimension with the yard. Colors can also be added to certain landscaping designs by choosing trees with bright, colorful blossoms.

Many people think of planting trees as a way to cool the house down. This can be done with certain Houston landscaping plans so long as the presence of trees near the home works with overall aesthetic of the house. It is very important to have a professional do this, however, because root systems can damage home foundations and vice versa.

Typically, the shade from a few large overhanging branches, provided they are sufficiently large to cover a significant portion of the room, can lower the internal temperature of a home by 20 degrees and help residents save as much as 10 percent on their annual power costs.

There are many more things we can do for shade tree landscaping than simply ornament the home façade. Even houses that look better with trees at a distance can still benefit from the sense of fullness that large trees growing in the background add to the property. Smaller yards look bigger, much like small rooms appear enlarged when furniture is added to their interiors.


In larger yards, trees are even more important. Many guests feel intimidated when they step into a yard that is larger than they normally encounter. Particularly when the space in the yard stretches out flat and empty, people unconsciously clump together in little groups around the pool, or on the patios, closest to the rear entrance of the home.

Shade tree landscaping will transform such a yard into multiple zones of interest that invite guests to explore each and every part of the yard, comfortably. Many types of trees of different species are used to create these areas. It works much better for a Houston landscaping plan to vary both the foliage and the height of the tree growth in order to emphasize different aesthetic sentiments in each separate area.

Shade tree landscaping can also be combined with shade garden design to create very realistic scenes reminiscent of deep American and European forests. A number of shade resistant ground covers can be planted in the dark areas beneath trees where grass has difficulty growing. Running a sidewalk through this garden, or maybe even building a small gravel patio in its midst, offers a very simple retreat into solitude only steps away from the back door and the swimming pool.

As these examples indicate, shade tree landscaping is not a standalone service that we add to back yards. It ties in to the very essentials of Houston landscaping design. It compliments home architecture, and it adds a strong, powerful backdrop to garden design. Many specialty elements such as rock gardens and landscaping with decorative gravel require the presence of trees to be effective. Even contemporary patios sometimes integrate this science by featuring a cutaway portion of the hardscape into which a mid-size tree is introduced to shade the immediate area around its trunk.