Fall Landscaping Ideas

Fall landscaping ideas are something you can develop and share with a professional Houston landscaping designer. Typically, we find that any structure or plant that appeals to a homeowner can be adapted to compliment the house and yard. Theme is something you create, while style is something we add to help make all the many things that interest you work together to create an outdoor living environment.

Colors are important to people. Some people like many bright colors intermingled throughout their softscape designs. Others prefer to emphasize the foundational color of all plant life—green. Houston landscaping plans can be developed around either approach to color, or a combination of both.

Think in terms of structure and layers when sitting down to brainstorm your fall landscaping ideas. Everything in your yard is a structure of some sort. Be it a garden, a patio, a wall, a walkway, or a fountain, everything expresses geometry that contributes to greater whole.

The best way to create something that will ultimately result in the yard of your dreams is to focus on listing the various elements as separate items that you visualize in your mind’s eye. Find pictures on the Internet and store them for your Houston landscaping designer to examine when he or she arrives.

Do not worry about how they will ultimately connect to form your Houston landscaping plan. That comes much later, after the design team examines your material, recommends the best forms, and determines their scale and scope in relationship to one another.


Since fall is something of a time of significant changes that incrementally grow toward the drastic cold of winter, it is important to remember that choosing plants that will last through the cold is very important. If your fall landscaping ideas include colorful flowers, choose perennials that feature plant shapes that will maintain a vibrant appearance all the way through march.

We can also help guide this process by selecting plants whose shape contributes one form of geometry to your gardens and hardscape borders, and whose color patterns create another level of geometry in the form of bright visuals that interconnect throughout the many zones of interest in your yard.

It is also important to select a range of small, medium, and large growth trees and shrubs whose appearance you like. Any Internet search will tell you how large a particular species of tree typically grows in this part of the world. Be generous with your fall landscaping ideas when it comes to the number of species you itemize. Our job is to guide a conscious process of elimination that will develop layers of vertical impact that work to lift the aesthetic of the entire yard upward in the support of your home.

Finally, make a list of hardscape elements that you have always enjoyed walking over or sitting on. Many organic fall landscaping ideas can be magnified in beauty and significance with a patio, wall, or walkway that contributes additional geometry to the patterns of color, plant, and tree growth. Stone of some kind can be made to work with any Houston landscaping style. However, if stone is not the most cost effective option for you, decorative concrete can always be created that will imitate stone impeccably in a manner that can literally create a home environment outside of the walls of your home.