High End Landscape

The high-end landscape offers the upwardly mobile Houstonian the opportunity to communicate personal values and taste in a tangible form. It increases the joy of the living experience by bringing the comforts, amenities, and pure sophistication of custom home interiors into the outdoor realm of Natural beauty and open wonder.

Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor kitchens are a staple of the high-end landscape. They provide much more than a place to prepare food. They also provide seating for dining and conversation. Some are intentionally built to have an outdoor lounge appeal. Others are made more like living rooms and have fireplaces, stereos, and even televisions that provide guests with audio-visual entertainment after a full-course, five-star meal.

Outdoor Fireplaces
A fireplace makes the high-end landscape comfortable and enjoyable on a year-round basis. During the few cold months of the year that we have in Houston, a warm fireplace creates a cozy island of comfort in a wet and frigid landscape. During warmer months when a fire would produce too much heat, special lights within the structure can simulate the appearance of the fire and bring romance and ambience to spring and summer nights.

Multiple Patios
Most homeowners want a patio around the swimming pool that will host a crowd and function as a decorative surface area on which to stand and recline in lounge chairs. The high-end landscape needs more than just a pool patio. It needs a custom patio for every point of interest in the yard. An entry garden needs a patio in front of the lighted fountain for guests to gather around and enjoy the illuminated water. A morning garden for homeowners only needs a patio just large enough to sit and enjoy tranquility in the morning sun. A lighted pond in the corner of the yard can be enjoyed by all from the comfort of a custom hardscape that wraps around its curves and follows the path of its mystical luminance.

Several Gardens
There are more garden designs than you can possibly imagine. Not only do many traditional garden styles like Japanese,Italian, French, and English gardens exists for you to choose from, but there are also countless custom garden styles that can be developed to support specific architectural nuances and landscape design themes. There are also contemporary gardens and modern gardens that offer the eclectic homeowner an opportunity to express consciousness on abstract levels and freedom through avant garde form.

Custom Swimming Pools
The high-end landscape can support any number of swimming pool designs. Not all high-end landscapes require a luxury pool per se. However, a high degree of customization has to go into swimming pool design regardless of the ultimate shape and size of the pool. There is really no limit to style per se, so long as style is highly differentiated above standard levels of aesthetic. Special copings, high-grade materials in patio construction, and special water features like water jets, fountains, waterfalls, and spas transform high-end pools into functional elements in their own respect.

Another favored swimming pool design is that of the natural pond. Natural swimming pools look just like natural lakes and deep pools within streams. They provide welcome relief from the pressures of the big city, and a sure means of finding solace under the sheltering branches of overhanging trees.

Wooden arbors and wrought iron arbors integrate human architecture with the growth and beauty of trees. They are open-air shelters built between trees that offer unique views of the landscape from the vantage point of comfortable seating, fine flooring, and climate controlled interiors.

Entertainment Rooms
The high-end landscape often plays home to large numbers of people attending a variety of year-round events hosted by the homeowner. An outdoor kitchen alone may not offer sufficient square footage to comfortably accommodate such numbers. In this event, we will build one or two adjacent entertainment rooms replete with fine furnishings and advanced audio visual entertainment. Entertainment rooms like this can also be built near the swimming pool or spa for guests who want to be near the water but also do something a bit different.