Custom Landscaping

Custom landscaping involves designing and building a landscape that is specifically tailored to the lifestyle of the homeowner. The property itself is literally shaped around the design of home architecture and the interests and activities of the residents. Custom landscaping requires more than a basic knowledge of botany and hardscape design to truly be done effectively. It requires systematic consultation, advanced planning and design skills, and the ability to manage teams of specialists brought in on the project to build specific outdoor structures and forms.

When Exterior Worlds begins a project, one of the first things we take a look at is the size of the family itself. Many of our clients have children, and their desires have to factor into the equation just as much as those of their parents. We want to know where the interests of these kids lie, and what safe activities we can best accommodate them with. We may build them a natural swimming pool separate from the custom swimming pool we build for the adults. Or, we may bring in sports experts to construct a special ball court or grassy play area to use as a soccer practice field.


Entertainment needs also play a major role in developing a landscaping plan. What people intend to do in their yards literally shapes a custom landscaping plan in terms of both proportion and specifics. People looking to entertain large groups of guests will need a property that speaks of expansiveness and variety, whereas people looking to entertain small groups of relatives or friends will need garden designs and exterior structures such as arbors, private patios, and trails that create a feeling of intimacy, privacy, and special treatment.

Custom landscaping also has to factor in the convenience of arriving guests by creating parking areas that will accommodate the anticipated number of people arriving at hosted events. Without some practical considerations in this area, overflow parking will create an eyesore for the property and also create a nuisance for the entire neighborhood. However, if we can estimate the number of guests that will be attending events, and how often those events will be held, we can then build parking areas that accommodate the demands of attendance and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the home and property. Also, many properties have service vehicles that show up at the residence, so we must make certain as well that any access points or parking areas we create for other vehicles

Personal lifestyle is obviously a major part of any custom landscape. Every client is different and has unique tastes and proclivities that need to be addressed throughout the entire scope of the aesthetic. While we consider it foundational to the entire design process to respect home architecture in the many forms and structures we create, we also make it a point to develop the landscape and gardens with forms that are infused with personal and stylistic characteristics.

While custom landscaping is a very intentional science that reflects the subjective consciousness of the homeowner, it is never done in a manner that conflicts with Nature itself. Indigenous trees, soil conditions, natural topography, and natural lighting conditions all provide us with parameters that we can use as guidelines for planning and construction