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Bluestone Walkways

Bluestone walkways can be used to support any type of Houston landscaping design. Like its name suggests, bluestone is a bluish gray in color. Because it is a form of sandstone, it can also be obtained in brown, gray, or even lilac shades.

One of the best things about it is that it is heavier than other forms of sandstone. It will not shift, so it can be laid in very decorative patterns without the impediment of edge restraints.

As a naturally abrasive surface, it is ideal for the often rainy climate we experience here in Houston. It provides excellent traction against slips and falls. This is why it is used so much in pool patio design because you can still walk on it safely even when it is wet.

Bluestone walkways can be built in both the front and back yard. We see them running alongside of streets. We see them connecting driveways to front doors. We also walk along them to stroll through gardens. Walkways that lead up to front porch stairways help magnify the drama and interest of the stairway by drawing the eye to their steps. .


You have probably seen such designs in many yards around the city. If you have browsed through our case studies, you have also seen them in many of the pictures of the projects we have done over the years. Because of their variations in shape, bluestone walkways can be built as contiguous surfaces or linear progressions of separate stones laid close together. Because they vary in color, they can support any style of landscaping from the very formal to ultra contemporary.

When bluestone walkways are constructed with the edges of the stones flush with one another, a wide range of pattern possibilities emerge as well. You can create running bond motifs in blue stone, for example, just like you do in brick walkways. A running bond pattern is good to use in walkways that lead from the driveway or motor court to the front of the home.

Another very popular pattern we often build in bluestone is the basket weave pattern. This is an odd name because it really has nothing to do with baskets or weaving. The basic pattern consists of two parallel pavers with a third paver centered at the junction of the two above. This creates a busy pattern that moves the eye toward destination. Common destinations can include your swimming pool patio, your outdoor kitchen, or your garden gazebo.

In contemporary Houston landscaping, we often build bluestone walkways in the stepping stone pattern. Again, stepping stone are not connected to one another. They are laid down in gravel or in grass and are close enough for you to comfortably move your feet from stone to stone as you walk. Darker blues can look magnificent when juxtaposed against light gray gravel. Sometimes too the browner or even lilac colors of bluestone look superb when laid down in white gravel.

Color choices are based on your home primarily, although your patio and garden design will also play a role in helping choose the color pattern of your walkway.