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If you need the work of a masonry specialist, let Exterior Worlds handle the design planning of the work and find the right subcontractor to do the actual construction. Masonry contractors normally work under the invoice of a general contractor in charge of a larger project. While they are always willing to work with an individual homeowner, their expertise is exclusively focused on their particular discipline.

If you want this expertise applied to your landscaping design and outdoor architecture, it will serve your long-term interests better to let one of our designers first draft a landscape master plan, and then bring in the appropriate masonry specialist need for the work at hand. Just a few of the elements that we can create through such a partnership are as follows:

Custom Patios
Patios are built to the size and scale needed for the specific activities they are intended to be used for. They are also aesthetically designed to complement the home, surrounding outdoor buildings, and to work with the organic elements of trees, lawn, and garden. This results in a hardscape that feels innately connected to the Earth in a special way.

Entry Gardens
Masonry specialists play a key role in building some of the most beautiful and useful structures that owners of larger homes can have. These garden courtyards are located to one side of a large house and serve as transition areas between the front yard and the back yard. They feature custom patio work constructed from any number of materials ranging from stone to brick to decorative concrete. Walls around these courtyards can be equally varied and ornate. They can be built low to the ground to provide a frame from which to view the Houston landscape, or they can be built very high to totally enclose the garden in complete privacy.


Retaining Walls
These remarkable structures that hold back the grade of the otherwise flat Houston landscape that is so very vulnerable to flooding. Such a structure is always built to look as good as it works. This is why it is so important to have it designed properly by those who understand drainage and irrigation, and then to have it built by masonry specialists who have the expertise needed to build the structure as a prominent and highly decorative point of interest in the yard.

Walkways are so much more than sidewalks in your back yard. Any number of materials such as brick, pavers, decorative concrete, stone, and stone veneer can be used to create a special pathway between two or more points of interest. Masonry expertise is normally required when constructing these forms due to the complexity of laying out stones, bricks, or pavers in such a way as to make them safe for transit and durable for long-term usage.

From time to time, prospective clients will ask us if we can subcontract a masonry specialist they have already done business with in the past, or that they were referred to buy their home builder. We are more than willing to work with a preferred mason at the client’s request—provided that all parties agree that what the client finally authorizes in terms of the landscape master plan is exactly what we all are going to do once we begin working on the project.