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Landscaping services by Exterior Worlds will save a homeowner enormous time and money by listening intently to the homeowner’s wishes and translating that wish list into a hardscape design that fits the scale and scope of the landscape master plan. We will then hire the appropriate masonry contractors, source the very best materials, and combine them with over two decades of expertise in landscape design and outdoor architecture construction.

It is much better for homeowners to work with a team of landscape professionals and masonry contractors in this manner than to attempt a DYI project. Building patios, walkways, and retaining walls is never as easy as it seems. The homeowner may have very skilled hands when it comes to building, but creating a design to scale and selecting the very best materials out of what appears to be an endless litany of available supplies is overwhelming to say the least.


Just a few of the examples of the types of structures that our partner masonry contractors specialize in building include, but are not limited to, the following forms:

Stone Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are remarkable structures that hold back the grade of the otherwise flat Houston landscape that is so very vulnerable to flooding. Many times, too, a retaining wall will also serves as a mini-façade of sorts that introduces the rising edifice of an outdoor building like an arbor or summer kitchen. Stone is an excellent building material to work with here because, with the right type, cut, shape, and finish, it will compliment any type of landscaping design.

Outdoor Fireplaces
Houston winters are usually mild by national standards. However, Houston humidity is merciless in both summer and winter time. The chill factor here can make an even mild winter night frigid to the skin. Masonry contractors can build outdoor fireplaces to change these dreary nights into living dreamscapes. These ornate structures sit on custom patios that provide guests with warm outdoor hospitality regardless of the time of year. Masonry contractors normally build these patios with unique planters, retaining walls, tree islands so that winter flowering plants, small trees, low level ground cover, and even small trees can all combine to create into an illuminated courtyard warmed by the light of a fire.

Our team of hardscape design specialists represents some of Houston’s finest patio builders. These experts know how to build your patio to the scale of your yard and the scope of your intended guest lists. Aesthetically, our patio design hinges on complimenting home architectural motifs and blending inorganic elements with softscape forms in your yard. The result is a hardscape that feels innately connected to the Earth in a special way.

Think beyond the sidewalk when you visualize a walkway running through your back yard, courtyard, or garden. All manner of concrete, brick, and stone pathways can be built to cross and crisscross your yard, connecting key points of interest and balancing the relationships between hardscape, softscape, and outdoor building architecture.

From time to time, prospective clients will ask us why they should hire us for masonry work when there are so many independent contractors in the phonebook. The answer is simple. Masonry contractor are typically trained only in their craft and do not multispecializes in advanced garden design, tree services, yard care, and tree preservation.

In order to make sure that the new hardscape elements introduced into your yard also balance with your house and the vegetation that surrounds it, it is much better to hire a landscaping company like Exterior Worlds to work as the general overseer for the project.

The outcome only serves to more aesthetically strengthen the landscape with more seamless design integrity, and ultimately add curb appeal to the home as well.