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A Brick Landscape will add Old World Charm to Your Houston Home

A brick landscape will immediately add an Old World charm to your Houston home.
Author Brick Landscape Design Brick has a classic look that never goes out of style. It speaks to conservatism, stability, and just the right touch of formality. Like natural stone, it has the effect of enriching gardens, hedgerows, lawns, and tree growths, but it is also conveys a sense of containment that makes your landscape look deliberately cultivated and refined.

A brick paver driveway will introduce your home to guests with a new sense of formal distinction.
Brick pavers are not the same as the bricks in your house. They are pre-cast masonry blocks that resemble brick in shape and color, but have a smooth, polished surface. Constructing a driveway out of pavers will give you a much smoother surface on which to drive. They also allow The advantage they offer is a much smoother surface area that can feature unique design work and even variations of color that tie your home to the organic elements of your landscape.

Patios and courtyards customize your brick landscape design to the particulars of your lifestyle.
There is something innately distinguished about a brick courtyard. Any gathering you hold in such a setting will feel respectable, formal, and refined. This offers you a very discreet method of creating “calm spots” in your landscape where more subdued personality types can pursue conversation without the frivolities and excessive noise we often find around cooking spots, swimming pools, and sport courts.

Walkways merge brick landscapes and garden designs into a tour de force of exploration.
Gardens appear much more welcoming when we approach them along a designated path. They are even more intimate when a brick walkway leads us into their interior to explore their designs from within. There are many formal garden styles that center on an open viewing area large enough to accommodate small groups of visitors. A brick hardscape here will give people a dry, sure surface on which they can comfortably walk or stand.

You can also add drama and interest to your brick landscape by having retaining walls built in key locations.
Retaining walls do not have to be very large to add vertical impact to the otherwise flat topography of the Houston landscape. Some measure only a few feet tall and work to elevate flower beds and herb gardens. Others rise much higher into the air—approaching the size of small hills. Such retaining halls are often found in very large backyards near Houston’s many bayous. Here, they play a very important role in stopping the runaway erosion that plagues back yards that slope sharply toward the bayou’s banks.

A retaining wall will immediately offset the steep grade and counter the process of erosion. The sides of the hill can be beautifully terraced to support vegetable gardens, herbs, flowering plants, green hedges, and even small trees. If you really want to magnify the power of your brick landscape theme, you can have a staircase built that leads to the top of the hill, along with an observation deck that allows you to watch the sunset over the tree line in the evening.