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What Makes Pool House Designs by Exterior Worlds so Unique?

You are not limited by the type of pool that you have.
Many Houstonians wonder if their swimming pool is large enough to justify an investment in a pool house. In reality, the size of the pool itself has little bearing on whether or not you can have a house built beside it or not. Naturally, a larger pool will look more aesthetically harmonized with a larger structure, but never feel you are limited to getting at least a basic design for changing and pool supply storage if all you require is a private place for you and your spouse to relax.

If you want to invest in a larger structure, and the current pool you have is too small for the ambition of your project, consider pool remodeling services that can transform the entire pool patio area that will support a truly luxurious recreational dwelling.

The architecture of your pool house will correlate to that of your home in a way that suggests reflection and compliment, not exact duplication.
Some construction companies think that if you have a home built in a certain style that your pool house should be built in exactly the same style. This is too much of the same.

Our team first identifies your home’s basic architectural style and individual architectural motifs. Your pool house design is based upon variations of both style and motif that result in a complimentary form that is recognizably similar, but also possesses a unique aesthetic in its own respect.


More than simply extending your home’s architecture into the landscape in a literal way, this has the effect of extending your home’s presence into your yard and elevating your entire property with the feeling it represents.

Our experience has taught us that this yields a much greater return on investment through enhanced curb appeal because this effect upgrades the appearance of the entire lot.

We base the interior of your pool house design on what you will be doing in the house.
Our intention is to create a structure that serves your lifestyle in a practical way. If you intend to have summer dinner parties near the pool, we will build a kitchen, wet bar, and lounge area into the facility so that you will have all that you need to entertain guests throughout the night.

If you want to use the structure in the winter time, we can install a Jacuzzi to give you a warm water alternative to the swimming pool itself. After a dip in the hot tub, you can have further warmth, comfort, and light by the side of your indoor fireplace.

The facade of your pool house design will act in perfect harmony with your Houston landscaping master plan.
Hardscapes, decorative walls, tree growth, and gardens surrounding will serve as links between the pool patio and surrounding gardens and trees. Supportive linear plantings will outline its basic dimensions. Hardscaping around its walls provide additional outdoor activity space, such as a dining patio or grilling area. Garden designs surrounding the entire area help solidify its position as a major element of your residential landscape design.