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What is Perennial Garden Design?

Perennial garden design is one of the most powerful Houston landscaping elements that can be added to your property. It is a certain way to add curb appeal to your home. Unlike annual flowers that die off every year and require replanting, perennials can remain alive for years, blooming at specific seasons each year.

There are perennial flowers that lose their leaves during winter, just like deciduous trees. Others are evergreen plants that retain green vitality even through the coldest winter months. Some even bloom during the winter, which can make your home look even more alive with vibrant colors that add greater dimension to the aesthetic of your landscape.

This enormous range of plant types allows Houston landscaping experts to beautify multiple areas of your yard with perennial garden design. Flowering plants are not just for the sunny areas that are traditionally associated with colorful blooms. Many species of plants do much better in full shade, or even partial shade. Places where grass does not get enough sunlight to grow very thick can be brilliantly transformed with flowering ground covers and low level bushes that create the impression of a subdued rainbow hiding in the shadows.

The same method is also used to deal with problematic sink holes in the yard that always seem wet no matter how much dirt is added to them. A perennial garden design can be customized to such an area using moisture loving plants whose varying height conceal the unevenness of the terrain. The water that previously created a muddy eyesore now waters a low maintenance, self-sustaining moisture garden of colorful leaves and seasonal brilliance.

This also demonstrates the main difference between what Houston landscaping firms call a flower bed and a professional, perennial garden design. Standard flower beds consist mostly of blooms that stand on long stems with green leaves growing up at an angle. This represents only a fraction of the many ground cover plants, tiny shrubs, and low level bushes that are botanically classified as perennial vegetation.


Many of these plants have leaves whose color and shapes are just as attractive as their blossoms. By combining the right plant height, size, and shape, Houston landscaping consultants can use them for any of the major styles. Most of the Italian, French, English, Mediterranean, and even Contemporary gardens we install are built using perennial flowering plants.

When approached in this manner, perennial garden design does more than beautify the yard. They directly reflect the architecture of the house in a way that magnifies its centrality as the focal point of Houston landscaping design. This lends a sublime aspect to the property’s curb appeal in addition to the beauty of the many gardens that span outward into the many zones of interest throughout the yard.

The dynamic greenery of perennial evergreens will preserve the home’s vitality throughout the winter, and winter blooming plants can add color to the green just in time for holiday events.