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Perennial Garden Plans

Perennial garden plans need to be developed well in advance of actual planting. A drainage system will be necessary to maintain appropriate levels of moisture at all times. Some method of wind protection will also be needed so that plants are not damaged by the very high winds we often get here on the Gulf Coast. Soil amendments are often prerequisite to many of these projects because certain types of flowering plants may require special admixtures to take hold and produce maximum yield.

When it comes to choosing plants, download as many pictures as you can of flowers that appeal to your sensibilities. Don’t worry about whether or not these flowers are actually perennials. Choose as many as you can based on looks alone. Exterior Worlds Houston landscaping designers will then help guide the selection of plants for your perennial garden design based upon these photos. If the flowers you picked out turn out to be annuals, we can find an equivalent perennial plant that will produce the same level of feeling within you when you view it.


Houston landscaping designers will also bring in the plants themselves when it is time to actually plant the garden. It is never a good idea to go to a garden store to buy seed stock for self planting. This is because many species will produce blooms that are different in color from preceding generations. Exterior Worlds uses only top quality plants to ensure that the blooms they produce will fulfill the expectations you have of your perennial garden plan.

There are all types of plants that produce flowers. Most people, when they think of a flower, think of a long stem, with green leaves, and colorful petals spreading out from the top. What many people are surprised to learn is that many perennials are actually small bushes. Roses are perhaps the best examples of a bush that produces a flower that has become iconic to many types of garden design. Other plants are more like ground cover that spreads out horizontally across the garden bed. Blooms appear at different times of the year, creating carpet like patterns of color beneath long-stemmed perennial flowers and perennial flowering bushes.

This diversity of species enables our Houston landscaping professionals to develop perennial garden plans that add dimension to yards as much as they add color. By combining long-stemmed flowers with ground covers and bushes, different types, sizes, and patterns of color can be vertically arranged. This adds impact to the entire area surrounding the garden, with the ultimate effect of supporting the vertical rise of the home. Horizontal patterns typically feature repeating patterns of 3 colors on the average, although this is not an absolute rule.

Most homeowners accept the fact that all vegetation becomes minimal, dormant, or even dead during the winter. However, many of our clients are truly amazed to learn that some perennial garden plans can be introduced to a property that adds winter blooming plants to the front yard. While these color patterns lack the rich, dynamic, expressiveness of June and July blooms, they will nonetheless create enough aesthetic appeal to lend the property superior curb appeal on a year round basis.