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Perennial Garden Ideas for Your Own Custom Garden

Your Exterior Worlds Houston landscaping design specialist will be happy to install gardens in many places that are based on perennial garden ideas you have sketched out.
Start by looking at places where you would like to see a garden grow. Find images of perennial plant life online that matches your personal tastes, and show them to your consultant when he or she arrives at your home.

The most important thing to remember when looking for these images is that the term “perennial” applies to much more than the basic flowers that we have all grown up with. True, there are plenty of species of flowers that grow on long stems, have a blossom at the top, and leaf growth coming out of the stem. Then again, there is a world of plant life all over our planet that botanically falls into the perennial category.

Becoming aware of all of these many different types of plants is the key to tapping into the creativity you need to develop uniquely personal perennial garden ideas that intimately reflect your own personality. Choose plants whose shapes, colors, and sizes capture the feelings you want to express, and let our team do the rest.


Consider first how many gardens you will want in your yard. Some Houston landscaping projects result in up to 80 percent of the yard being developed into some sort of hardscape. If you are planning on having a swimming pool, several custom patios, outdoor kitchen, walkways, and at least one courtyard, then focus your creativity on developing perennial garden ideas that accent each of these structures.

Our approach to Houston landscaping always points every hardscape and softscape element back to the home in some form or fashion. Elements are created that reflect and compliment the most prominent architectural features of the home. Garden design is a very important part of this design process. In some respects, it may arguably be the one thing that links the home to the landscape more than anything else.

One way to know that your perennial garden ideas are not too far off from where they need to be is to simply step outside and look at your house. Remember that no matter where you stand in your yard, your house is always going to be visible from some angle. Always make certain that the plants you pick out to show your Houston landscaping designer represent forms that work with, and not against, the form of your house itself.

Plant geometry is not that hard to figure out. It is not like 10th grade math. Plant geometry is much simpler than that. Essentially, you have the overall shape of the plant, the shape of the leaves, and the shape of the bloom. A quick glance through multiple pictures of herbaceous, deciduous, evergreen, and woody perennials will give you an immediate, intuitive sense of what works and what does not work with the appearance of your house.

That being said; relax, and avoid perfectionism when brainstorming perennial garden ideas. Always focus on feeling, and let our team do the hard work of picking the right location, installing drainage systems, choosing the very best plants, and bringing them in so you do not have to wait three years for your perennial garden to take shape.