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Places to Plant Perennial Flower Gardens

There are multiple perennial plants that thrive in the various, specific types of environments found in the average yard.
Planting a perennial flower garden in each of these areas will add immediate interest to it. Blending a variety of plants that bloom during each of the four seasons will then keep each of these garden designs vibrant in color throughout the year.

The first thing to remember about flowering perennials is that not all of them look like the typical flowers we visualize when we think of the term “flower garden.” Many of these species are ground covers that feature brilliant blooms. Others may feature very thick, attractive leaves in colors that range from green to dark red. Others could even be classified as shrubs that bloom white, purple, pink, or red blossoms.

The wide range of speciation allows for perennials of some sort or the other to be planted in every part of the yard.

Perennial flower gardens can be planted in both sunny and shady areas. This introduction of color helps blur the absolute boundaries between light and dark. Even more diversity can be achieved by varying plant heights.


Tall plants that are planted under trees whose lower branches are abnormally high above the ground will work to close the apparent gap between the tree top and the ground. Places along the side of the home that are too dark for lawn grass to flourish can come to new life at any time of the year with a perennial flower garden formed from shade resistant plants.

There are also places in the yard that are either too wet, or too dry, for lawn grass to grow. Wet areas are particularly problematic because they are formed by depressions in the ground. People can clearly see standing water in places around clumps of grass and mud that stick above water that always look dirty, even on sunny days. They can also clearly see where the ground dips and ruins the entire view of the surrounding landscape.

Filling in such a low place can be an exercise in futility because the sinkhole keeps reforming itself. Work with nature here, not against it. Plant a perennial flower garden with plants of varying heights. Pick out colors and shapes of flowers that you would like to see in this place. Then, let your Exterior Worlds Houston landscaping consultant help guide your choices in a mixture of plants that will bloom at different times of the year.

This way, what was once the most unsightly yard becomes an oasis of colors that shift with the passing of each season.