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Spool Pools

The spool pool is a combination pool and spa that offers you the best of both worlds. Much larger than a standard spa, it offers you the spaciousness and custom design options that any professionally designed swimming pool can give you. At the same time, though, it is fully equipped to function as a spa. All of the opulent luxury we associate with the spa experience can be yours to enjoy on an expanded basis with groups of friends and family.

Most online sources will say that pool spa combinations are larger than regular spas and smaller than standard swimming pools. This is partly true, but not completely correct. It is quite possible to integrate a full size pool with a fully functioning spa. The size and geometry of the pool will be work in harmony with the architecture of the home and the specific Houston landscaping design developed by our team.

This opens the door to more design possibilities than you might originally conceive. You can have a spool pool built with a tropical design, a traditional natural design, a luxury style multi-level structure, or a linear contemporary design. These are only examples and by no means an exhaustive list of options. In reality, each spa pool combination we build is a uniquely customized to a property and can only be categorized, when appropriate to do so, by terms that describe general landscaping styles.

Equally important to these aesthetic considerations are the functional attributes of spool pools. After all, spas are meant to be directly experienced by getting in the water. This makes them somewhat different than typical swimming pools. Many people sit by a pool all night and never get in the water. With spas, however, people have to get in the water to encounter the unique luxuries they offer.

Keep in mind that spas offer more than one luxury. Some offer heated water for people to soak in and relax. Others fulfill more rigorous, practical demands. Spool pools can be very instrumental in physical therapy and exercise. Everything from muscle reconditioning to training for athletic swim meets can be done in a spa.


The secret to this versatility lies in building concealed water jets into the structure of the spool pool itself. These jets direct pressured currents of water under the surface. When built with the right kind of user friendly controls, a spa pool combination can allow a user to adjust water temperature and speed at his or her discretion.

A young person training for the school swim team can turn up the current to such a speed that will allow him or her to swim the equivalent of many laps simply by stroking against the current. Another person in the family who may be recovering from knee surgery can choose a lower setting to give the knee the water exercise that many physical therapists recommend. Still another person who simply wants to feel pampered can simply put the jets on the lowest setting with a much higher temperature to create a hot tub effect.

Spool pools are appropriate luxury elements for properties of any size. Their greatest value, however, lies in what they can do for small properties with too little space for a standard size pool. Because spa pool combinations can do so much with temperature and jet controls, they do not have to be large to give a person the feeling of space and exercise we normally seek in a swimming pool. More can be done with less with a super landscaping element that improves curb appeal and contributes to the overall sense of truly refined outdoor living.