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A pool spa combination gives you the advantage of having a special part of your custom swimming pool set aside as a special luxury element. The spa portion of the swimming pool is actually part of the total structure. Both share the same water source, and both operate on the same hidden mechanics. There is a clear demarcation. The two areas also work together as one singular design element which contributes a very high-end curb appeal to any property.

Every spa pool is custom designed to work as a major point of interest in a Houston landscaping design plan. The intention here is not just to create a spa. Certainly, we want you to enjoy this luxury element to the full extent that any Jacuzzi or hot tub could give you that one-of-a-kind feeling. At the same time, we want you to have a larger pool area in which you can enjoy the traditional swimming, water sports, or safe diving activities. And, we also want to create a patio area surrounding the pool spa that will give your guests plenty of room to mingle, talk, walk, and enjoy a poolside event regardless of whether or not they themselves ever get in the water.

There are many design options you can consider for your spa pool combination that can make it the premier attraction on your block. One such option is to build the spa higher than the main part of the pool and to add a spillway where water overflows from the spa into the swimming pool. Depending on the style of landscape design you have, the spillway can look very minimalist and contemporary, or it can look very much like a natural waterfall.


A derivative of this design is a pool spa with an arching water stream. Propelled by water jets in the hot tub area, the water will shoot up and over the end of the swimming pool to land either in the center of the deep end, or the middle of the swimming area. When illuminated at night, such a water stream combines the look of a custom fountain with the attraction factor that swimming pool patios always hold for major outdoor gatherings.

There is also great deal of functionality that goes into these pool spa designs. Because they are custom projects, they can be built with specific luxuries in mind. If you want to experience the comfort of sitting in a Jacuzzi, we can build the spa area with underwater seats that you can literally recline on in the heated water.

If you require any type of specific exercise or physical therapy, we can also build the spa with water jets that will create underwater currents you can swim against. Many physical therapists that use water therapy actually have small spa like pools where patients do exactly this. Regardless of whether or not you are suffering from a specific injury, such a feature is a great way to maintain muscle tone and ligament structure.

Water flow and water temperatures are also under your full control in any pool spa that we build for you. Controls are easy to operate and allow you to adjust the direction and intensity of the water for specific activities. You obviously want to control temperature as well to accommodate the comfort zone of others who may have specific preference as to how hot the water is.