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Custom Swimming Pools

Exterior Worlds defines the term “custom swimming pool” in a slightly different manner than other companies do. In our definition, a custom swimming pool is a pool that is designed specifically to fit the landscape, the home, and the people for whom it is built. In all forthrightness to all who consider our services, this also means a greater financial investment than one would make by going directly to a pool contractor. The consulting and labor involved in developing a design that fits into a greater master landscaping plan requires a greater investment, with a return on investment coming in the form of a higher level of functionality and aesthetics relative to the appearance of the home, additional outdoor structures, gardens, and special vegetation forms.

From this we can see that creating custom swimming pools involves much more than picking out a style. When landscaping architects or designers manage pool construction on behalf a homeowner, they work as a liaison between the homeowner and the pool contractor. Professional landscapers first develop a master plan for the entire property, and then they design the pool around the topography, needs of the homeowner, and especially the architecture of the home. Too many times we consult with clients who already own a pool whose style and function are superb within their own right, but whose overall presentation as landscape elements class with their surroundings. Part of what we do for clients in this position is to look very closely at how they intend to use their outdoor space and how they expect their pool to fit into the overall plan of entertainment and recreation they have in mind. Custom swimming pools are then designed by our team that fit these criteria. This allows the pool contractor to then enter the picture with the convenience of a detail plan of action laid squarely on the table, and a firm price already negotiated by us that adds value on all sides of the negotiating table.


This is much more advantageous to the homeowner than consulting with a pool designer directly. Due to the highly specialized nature of this science, a pool company is going to think in terms of creating a well-designed structure that fits their expertise and professional opinion of what works best in swimming pool design. It is not that the pool company thinks only of its benefit, but rather that the contractor probably does not have the background in architecture or landscaping needed to fully integrate their work into the surrounding exterior designs and outdoor experiences that constitute a professionally designed landscape.

We set criteria for custom swimming pools higher than those normally specified by pool companies. We think about details such as the elevation of the water and the depth of each step as it relates to surrounding terrain, patios, structures, and vegetation. The idea is to create a smooth transition from outdoor space to pool space, be it in the water or out of the water. Often contractors will not be so precise in their designs. They will attempt to meet the homeowner at the point of his or her budget by lowering specifications such as these.

We believe, however, that in the long run the interests of the homeowner are much better served by placing cost on a secondary level of importance to the quality of each element of the custom swimming pool design as it relates both to other elements and the surrounding areas in the yard as a whole. Everything from rebar spacing, the thickness of walls, and the placement of light to minimize glare and control luminance are factors we carefully assess, specify, and meticulously bid. Other custom swimming pool elements are then added based on personal preference and homeowner lifestyle. Some designs are very innovative, such as natural swimming pools and pools surrounded by grass patios. Others feature unique elements like fountain jets, cut stone drain covers, and spas.

These elements, in turn, not only fulfill specific functions that may be missed with less careful, detailed planning, but they also do more to contribute in the long run toward a higher-end aesthetic that balances all parts of the yard around a water feature uniquely tailored to personal lifestyle and taste.

If you are interested in high-end pool design and construction services, Exterior Worlds has been providing the services discussed above for the Houston and the surrounding areas including memorial villages (Piney Point Village, Bunker Hill Village, Hunter Creek Village), Tanglewood, River Oaks, West University and the greater Houston (Hou), area since 1987.