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Modern Swimming Pool

A modern swimming pool makes a strong statement of class without screaming for validation or undue attention.
By the sheer power of its clean geometry, and with a highly polished patio that magnifies the luminance of the water, your pool is chic and luxurious, but it is never ostentatious in a way that would get you accused of showing off.

Rather, the contemporary pool is defined by minimalism and less-is-more planning from the point that it is initially conceived, then drafted, and ultimately constructed.
These pools typically feature a blend of indoor décor and outdoor lifestyle attractors. In a very real sense, such settings are equivalent to turning home living inside out with a pool and patio environment that works in many respects like the finest modern living room.

This intimacy with interior contemporary design is why some of the world’s wealthiest people have been known to hire pool designers to build them modern swimming pools inside the walls of their contemporary homes.
While this is not the norm, it has happened on multiple occasions in the world of the super rich.


In Houston landscaping, our modern and contemporary pool design is more frequently used to extend the design and pattern of your indoor lifestyle into outdoor space while preserving the hallmarks of your unique personality and individuality.
Most fans of contemporary decorating love the style because it is so uniquely personal in this sense, so the first order of priority is to grasp the essence of YOU and then extend that into your custom pool design.

Consequently, you can count on modern pool design to never be generic. No one points to such a pool and says, “That is what all modern pools look like.”
However, anytime someone sees one of these pools, the immediately recognize it as modern or contemporary in design. This liberates you from the generics and stereotypes of 60s, 70s, and 80s style pool design. You do not have to worry about losing curb appeal to a good looking pool that ends up looking bad on your landscape.

Pools are built to link home, hardscape, and gardens in a way that multiplies curb appeal with a compliment to your home that magnifies its importance as a symbol of a truly individualized and stylized personal lifestyle.

This opens all sorts of possibilities for contemporary landscape design.
For example, a home with a strong linear presence, supported by a very basic linear pool design, allows for a linear theme of gardens and hardscape surfaces that can extend throughout the landscape and intersect at right angles in key areas of interest.

This is often used by art collectors who like to showcase outdoor sculptures, because the quadrilateral zones this pattern become ideal platforms in which to showcase abstract sculptures.

Homes that have notably curved exteriors can be complimented with a radial pool design that can then become the springboard for very unique custom sidewalk design.
Curved, flat stones can arc through the landscape on a journey that leads your guests from one contemporary garden to the next, and to courtyards, modern fountains, and outdoor art displays along the way.

Such illustrations exemplify indicates the power and versatility of modern swimming pool design, which in spite of its rugged absolutism, has a mysterious way of intimately connecting itself to the aesthetic of the home, the surrounding property, and to the very essence of the homeowner’s lifestyle.