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Features of Custom Pools

The features of custom pools are every bit as personal to you, the homeowner, as they are unique and individual to custom swimming pool design.
This is because Exterior Worlds only designs custom pools that exemplify the lifestyles of our clients by as the extension of the main residence, while maintaining a separate, autonomous environment with unique features of his wishes.

The creative collaboration of client and landscape designer strives to result in the formation of the owners’ desires, fantasies and indulgences.

When you commit to a custom pool, you are investing in your ultimate outdoor experience. The features of the custom pools are seamlessly integrated using luxurious design and function, surrounded by the richness and beauty of nature for the enjoyment of the client and his guests.

Past of examples of features we have created that intimately connected the custom pools to the personal lifestyle of the homeowner are illustrated below:

Swim-up bars create a unique party environment is using the pool and patio area as the focus of a social gathering.
Swim up bars allow people to enjoy of food and beverages conveniently while enjoying the refreshing water of the pool. This makes it possible for people who love the water to stay in as long as they please.

Natural waterfall design is a very practical way to connect the pool to an exotic, romantic feeling of nature.
Exterior Worlds landscape professionals carefully select different sizes of stones and lay them by hand to emulate the way stones appear to haphazardly piled together in the wild. Water flow is controlled by silent, remote pumps, filtration and drainage that is built into the system keeping the water pure and preventing flooding.


Deck jets provide children who may not need to be in the water for whatever reason to still get wet and have fun.
It is also an ideal way for sunbathing adults to get some cool water as they work on their tan.
In the daytime remember to use an appropriate waterproof sun block at the recommended strength for your skin type and pigmentation.

Fountains do not have to be stand-alone landscape features.
Fountains can be part of a custom pool itself, or they can be part of the pool patio. Fountains can be customized to the same degree as pools, as a matter of fact, so the possibilities here are truly endless.

Spas combine luxury with practical advantages to health and wellness.
Spas are very popular for those who want an extra touch of luxury added to their custom pool. They are also popular with people who have arthritis or muscle problems, because the heated water and built in jet stream create an ideal environment for home-based physical therapy.

Many doctors, as a matter of fact, recommend this type of self-treatment in conjunction with other prescribed and professionally administered regimens.

Underwater Lighting with new LED and fiber optic technology will transform your pool, pool fountain, or swimming pool-spa combination into a lighted wonder of landscape design.
This practically serves the need for visibility at night, and it reinforces aesthetics with altered states of awareness that make your special moments of reality more like dreams that are better than reality.