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Soul-Soothing Sounds of Tranquil Fountains

Outdoor water fountains are wonderful additions to any home landscape design. Water enchants the eye and ear. In particular, a tranquil fountain, which Exterior Worlds designs specifically to drown out the unwanted and annoying noises of modern life without overwhelming the space, works a special magic. Simply and poetically put, a tranquil fountain soothes the soul.

Tranquil water fountains work in any setting. If you are landscaping for entertainment, a tranquil fountain will delight your guests. A classic urn design works beautifully in a traditional landscape. Versatile elements within the landscaping vernacular, tranquil water fountains work equally well in small garden designs and tropical landscaping. Another lovely application for this type of water fountain is to design it as an exterior wall fountain. Wall fountains come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for the space you have available. We have installed them in such places as on a brick garden wall, as part of a retaining wall or to enliven a blank fence.

Design is paramount with tranquil fountains. In designing this type of water fountain, your chosen site needs to be conducive to a dripping, slow flow of water. You want the water action to relate to the scale of the space.


With this in mind, tranquil water fountains do have a place in commercial landscaping. While voluminous water sounds and movement work for large-scale sites such as building entrances and golf courses, for restaurants, courtyards, atriums and interior commercial spaces, you don’t want those elements to overpower your clientele.

All this is to say that is there is no one way to design or build a fountain. Because you get to choose among the many different approaches that will achieve your desired outcome, working with open-minded professionals who possess technical skills and creative flair—as you will find at Exterior Worlds—is one of your more important decisions when installing a water fountain.

And, of course, while meeting all the design intentions and constraints of your chosen water fountain, we work hard to stay within your desired budget. In this way, your water feature is a total success on all fronts.

One related aspect of your tranquil water fountain is the proper exterior lighting to use. Outdoor lighting will extend your pleasure of the fountain into the nighttime hours. We can design it to play up its inherent dramatic effects or accentuate the peaceful ambiance of moving water. It also adds a safety factor, which is so important around any water feature.

In general, water works a special charm in your custom landscaping design by providing a focal point and creating delightful sounds. Water fountains add mysteriously pleasing background music. Ponds create color, texture and depth. Waterfalls have a mesmerizing beauty uniquely their own.

Humans have long been familiar with the powerful, helpful and healing qualities of water. In several of the Southwestern Native American cultures, there is the belief that you should be near moving water whenever you contemplate an important decision. Moving water calms the heart, steadies the breathing, and captivates the mind’s eye, which, when you think about it, is a powerful state of being in which to decide nearly anything.

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