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Outdoor Water Features Enliven Your Landscape Design

Luxury in landscaping can be communicated in many ways. The sense of luxury is conveyed with softscapes, hardscapes, material choices and simple details. And one of the most impressive landscaping elements is an outdoor water feature. Water is magic. It is soothing, energizing, delightful, playful, peaceful, inspired and inspiring.

At Exterior Worlds, we put all our years of experience into each landscape design, especially water elements. Following is a discussion of just a few of the options available to you:

• Custom swimming pools. Using both new and classic concepts, a custom pool is only one element of your master landscaping plan and, while it may represent a large financial outlay, you are paid back with a high level of aesthetic appeal and functionality as it blends in perfectly with your lifestyle, extant architecture and topography.
• Reflecting pools. Characterized by calm surfaces, reflecting pools are usually located near taller edifices to serve as a mirror and magnifier. They use organic and non-organic components to link elements together in a mesmerizing focal point.
• Custom fountain designs. Custom fountains are functional and dynamic works of art, especially when made using luxurious and highly personalized signature designs. By providing sound and movement, water fountains engage the senses and extend the pleasure of your landscape design.
• Koi ponds. Eye-catching. Ornamental. Enchanting. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe koi ponds. While providing an eco-system for its fish, these ponds give you tremendous variability, design-wise. For example, if constructed in a perfect circle, they contrast with amorphous shapes found elsewhere. Naturalistic ponds recall the wilderness. They are as variable as nature itself.


• Garden wall fountains. The elegance of wall fountains enhances your garden by turning it into a delightful and tranquil space. If you have a theme garden, such as a modern courtyard design or Tuscan garden, they can augment that ambiance.
• Disappearing water fountains. A unique landscape element, the disappearing water fountain is characterized by the absence of a basin. The water seemingly dissolves underground, goes into a camouflaged pit and then re-circulates. A favorite of secluded areas, such as a yoga retreat or reading area.
• Garden waterfall designs. Waterfall designs use elements found in nature, such as rocks, streams, boulders and elevation, to recreate one of the more memorable features found in the wild. While waterfalls are relatively expensive to install, homeowners love them for their dramatic and impressive appeal.

In considering any outdoor water feature within the design of your landscape, our thinking and planning is defined by sophisticated style and sumptuous materials. This guiding philosophy works well whether our clients’ preferences are for the simple or grand scale.

Also we are very cognizant of how your chosen outdoor water features blends with other elements on your property, including the architectural style of your home. Our goal is for seamless integration. We want the beauty to shine through, with no jarring distractions.

So, go ahead. Indulge yourself with the art of water in your Houston landscape design. Not only is it an investment in your property, but also an investment in yourself.

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