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Large water fountains

Large water fountains attract accolades and attention. You could even say that they demand attention. In the right setting, they create the right feel—both specific and universal. For serious homeowners, large water fountains are emotional eye-catchers in your landscape design, a circumstance created by the playful movement of water, the pleasing auditory effect and a certified timeless beauty.

By our definition, a large water fountain is one that ranges from about 10-feet by 10-feet up to 30-feet by 30-feet. Large water fountains are perfect for a commercial application or a large-scale home and can make your property even more memorable. These fountains come in a variety of shapes and styles, including Roman classicism, a Hill Country natural pool, contemporary, or as part of a koi pond, ideal for a Japanese garden design.


Water fountains have fascinated humans for eons and go back to the earliest fine homes. They are perennial features of Greek and Roman homes and the corresponding gardens, most notably Mediterranean landscape design and classical landscape design. Their construction elements—stone, water and light—make a highly personal artistic statement even as they evoke archetypal responses.

Our clients find that fountains, large and small, bring a calming element into their exterior landscape. Outdoor water fountains provide a respite, a time and place of relaxation in which to disengage from the hectic daily schedule. Sometimes the homeowners begin the day by sitting by the moving water and contemplating the day that lies ahead, with all its varied challenges. Or they may end the busy day beside the fountain, letting the splash and movement of the water lower their blood pressure.

As with all outdoor water fountains, proper landscape lighting is critical. From a practical standpoint, it is important to light them so no one accidentally falls into them at night. Aesthetically speaking, beautifully-lit water is a joy to look at. In fact, moving water that is well-lit becomes mesmerizing and calming.

Exterior Worlds designs and builds custom water fountains right the first time so that you don’t end up with a fountain so dysfunctional that it eventually turns into a large planter. (Believe us when we say that we have seen this situation more than once!) This expertise includes the unseen, but important and necessary, features of professional landscaping, such as using control valves with water fountains that allow you to adjust the water flow to your preference or the installation of custom stone work to hide a fountain’s hardware.

We provide high-end landscape design services for the discriminating client. We truly believe that what is in your best interest is also in our best interest. With our large water fountain designs, all are custom-designed and custom-built. Because everything is built on-site, nothing is pre-fabricated. Additionally, we help you with the placement of the fountain so that it blends into and complements your property, say, an outdoor room, a custom swimming pool, a welcoming courtyard, a private patio design and any other hardscapes.

Bring us your vision and let us help you realize it.