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Water Wall Fountain

Exterior Worlds frequently builds wall fountains to expand hardscapes into new dimensions, add decorative flair, and establish a serene sensibility. People hosting special events in their yards often find that the wall fountain becomes the instant favorite of the majority of the guests. For private moments, homeowners equally love the sense of peace and contemplation these fountains add to special areas of the landscape that we have designed as set apart just for them. These custom-built fountains are very different from the retail versions sold in home and garden stores. They are constructed with superior-grade materials, and compliment surrounding landscape elements as well as elements in their own respect.

Wall fountains are always built vertically into the sides of a wall. On an aesthetic level, they create a very unique decorative sensibility that transforms ordinary space into special space. On a functional level, they distinguish portions of the landscape as a place of tranquility and contemplation. This is one reason why wall fountains are so frequently used as terminal points for axial gardens. It is also the reason why they are often built near morning gardens, private seating patios, and gardens based on Eastern forms that represent meditation and inner peace.


Regardless of where they are located, wall fountains always play a very significant role in décor. Fountains of any type add an attraction factor to the landscape. However, when a fountain is literally built into a vertical wall as part of the wall, it creates an expansive sense of dimension that extends into the interior of the landscape. Such walls do not have to be made of brick or stone, either. In very real sense, for example, the interior of a swimming pool is a form a wall. A fountain built here that is illuminated with appropriate lighting will a sense of special luxury and artistry to one of the most popular areas of the yard.

Wall fountains are typically veneered with tile, stone, brick, or glass that can be illuminated to stand out at night. The interiors of these fountains are equally sophisticated as well. Unlike generic retail equivalents, they care custom-designed and carefully built for silent operation. In many respects, they are engineered and constructed much like swimming pools are. They are built around a gunite basin, and they are fitted with filters, auto fills, interior lighting, plaster, tile, and skimmers. Pumps are always remotely installed in order to ensure silent operation.

Wall fountains can be designed as reflections of any architectural or landscaping style. Many are intended fill an entire vertical space with a specific geometry that mirrors the architecture of the house and captures the essence of landscaping style in a concrete embodiment. Other fountains are built to mimic forms of mythological beings, angelic figures, or objects found in nature. These images are normally chosen by the homeowner according to personal tastes, beliefs, or artistic interests.

While we may, at such times, use derivatives of the same motifs, images, and symbols as the ones used in retail fountains, we never replicate the generic or the mundane in our work. In fact, we do not build wall fountains as stand-alone elements or add-ons to yards. All of our works are custom-built as key elements in a much larger, interdependent landscaping design.