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Piney Point Village Landscaping

Trees are everywhere in Piney Point Village landscaping. The green canopy creates a playful exchange of light and shadow. The shade they make is welcome respite from the harsh sun. They are home to indigenous wildlife. In many Piney Point Village landscaping tableaus, trees are the green centerpieces.

Pecan trees, loblolly pines, red maples, sweetgums, bald cypress, magnolias, willow oaks: these are just a few of the trees you can find within a Piney Point Village landscaping setting. How fitting that, nearly 200 years ago, John D. Taylor took “Piney Point” as the name of the league of land he received from Stephen F. Austin.

At a short drive from downtown Houston, Piney Point Village is as distinguished today by its fine homes and dedicated citizens as by its many trees. However, most homeowners are serious about taking good care of those trees. And for good reason: trees are valuable assets on one’s property.

To protect the health of your trees, schedule professional mulch installation. Mulch holds back weeds and grass that compete for moisture. It also helps prevent the soil from cracking and compacting. Careful attention should be paid to avoid piling the mulch up along the trunk.


Trees also benefit from occasional thinning. This practice strategically removes limbs to shape the tree in the desired contour and to mitigate the competition for space and light. Trees should also be inspected for any rubbing branches as these points of contact result in decay and wounds.

A pro-active disease prevention plan is another best practice. Trees need to be inspected for any infestations, especially pine bark beetles and bore insects that are deadly to trees when Houston’s weather turns hot or when trees are stressed from construction.

If you’re planting new trees, possibly because of the damage caused in 2008 by Hurricane Ike, planning for a diversity of species within your landscape is one way to safeguard against disease. One rule of thumb is that no single species should compose more than 10 percent of the total tree population in a given area.

Speaking of hurricanes and tropical storms, drainage systems are another smart way to protect your Piney Point Village landscaping. Verify that you’ve hired an expert drainage contractor who understands the high standards set by the Memorial Villages’ regarding drainage systems.

Tree preservation is an important issue to consider if you’re undertaking any construction project. Fencing off the root zone, performing deep-root fertilization and installing temporary irrigation systems are just a few of the procedures that will help your trees better endure the stress.

Look for Houston landscape services companies who can help you with expert care. Also, a landscape architect or landscape designer can assist in integrating other landscape architecture, such as hardscapes, in and amongst your trees.

What was once a stopping point for wayfarers on the trail to and from Austin’s headquarters in San Felipe de Austin is now a thriving and prosperous city within a city. Luscious and verdant Piney Point Village landscaping is just one of the reasons people want to live here.