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Hedwig Village Landscaping

One of the loveliest communities in Houston, Hedwig Village is known for its amiable lifestyle, quality schools, upscale homes and advantageous location. Hedwig Village landscaping is an integral part of this neighborhood’s ambiance.

Hedwig Village landscaping offers many possibilities for landscape garden designs. Homeowners often work with highly-qualified landscape architects and landscape designers in this region to create landscape designs that are specifically tailored to their needs and desires and fit perfectly onto the dimensions of the property.

Using the basic design principles of balance, proportion and scale, ideas for a distinctive garden in Hedwig Village include:

Modern landscape design. This style is noted for its use of dramatic geometric shapes to convey a point of view that is elegant and effortless. Sometimes simple gray concrete serves as a calm palette for a mesmerizing contemporary water fountain.

English garden design. English gardens have long been popular in the United States and are well-suited for Houston’s semi-tropical climate. While it may appear to have a casual approach to gardening, it is actually quite intentional: its main concept is the idea of profusion and plenty. For Hedwig Village landscaping done in this style, look for fragrant rose gardens and vine-covered garden arches.


Japanese garden design. Inherent in Japanese gardening is the belief that the garden is a true sanctuary. Concurrent with this idea is the sense of enclosure—to be seal away and protected from the busy, outer world. Thus, fences, gates and pathways are important features in a Japanese garden.

Mediterranean landscape design. Outdoor water fountains make a supple statement in this garden style by creating a pleasing and welcoming atmosphere. As for plantings, look to plants common to the Mediterranean region. Perhaps a creeping vine may embellish a fence wall, while an herb garden keeps your healthy kitchen well supplied.

Classic landscape design. This garden style, a type of formal landscape design, uses sharp lines to shape the spaces. Perhaps a well-defined hedge or gravel path creates a visual line for the eye to follow. Any resulting harshness can be toned down with seasonal color or ground cover.

Green gardens. Green green gardens refer to landscapes that are ecologically sustainable and prudent. Suggestions include installing drought-tolerant lawns and augmenting your irrigation systems with water-saving devices such as a retention pond or series of French drains.

Low maintenance gardens. Gardens designed for low maintenance are those that are done in any garden style that you choose. But they come with a particular focus on using materials that reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance, which are watering, trimming, weeding and mulching. One example: to not plant hedges with boxwood and dwarf yaupons since these shrubs always need pruning.

One last flourish for your Hedwig Village landscaping would be the right landscape lighting. Often recommended as a relatively inexpensive way to increase your property value, it allows you to showcase beautiful trees, a feature that the Memorial Villages are well-known for. At the same time, night-time lighting provides security, peace of mind and safe access.