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Memorial Landscaping

In large city like Houston it can be challenging to find landscape companies that deliver all-inclusive landscape solutions. Since 1987 we have been serving the Memorial Villages, installing landscape projects and providing landscape maintenance in Bunker Hill Village, Hedwig Village, Piney Point Village, Hunters Creek Village were discriminating clients have impeccable taste. Our solution has been a 20 year customer service commitment, delivering creative quality work with experienced landscape contractors that have integrity. We are centrally located minutes from the Memorial Villages, I-10 and 610 loop so we are able to reach and support memorial landscaping projects in minutes. This location also allows us to service clients in the more remote Houston suburbs such as Sugarland, Woodlands, Clear Lake, Carlton Woods, Kingwood and Richmond Rosenburg in an hour or less.

Knowledge of Local Codes and Permitting
For landscape design to be truly effective a firm must have an eye for design as well as complete knowledge of local codes and permitting. Due to our constant presence and flow of projects in Piney Point Village, Bunker Hill Village, Hunters Creek Village and Hedwig Village; Exterior Worlds stays update on these frequently changing codes, rules and procedures to make your project go smoothly. If you are expanding an existing home or building a new home you will need to consider permitting requirements for lot coverage percentages, tree removal codes, replacement quotes, storm water drainage, pool regulations, landscape lighting codes, fence and gate codes. Memorial landscaping companies unfamiliar with these permitting procedures can bring your construction to an abrupt halt. If the proper regulations and procedures aren’t followed you can be sure to see back charges, fines for reinstalling elements, changing parts and pieces because they didn’t comply with codes and exposing infrastructure for inspections.


Memorial Landscaping and Drainage
The villages have begun to take memorial drainage systems VERY seriously due to the flat topography, dense clay soils, and heavy forested lots compacted by years of construction that have increased impervious surfaces. These factors have cause more streets and homes to become flooded during the heaviest of rainfalls. Consequently, the Memorial Villages have started to require minimum pipe sizes, flow rates, temporary drainage systems, engineered drainage plans, calculations, topographic maps and as/built plans. If a landscape company embarks on a project without a thorough understanding of these demands the homeowner may find themselves with a big mess that can cost thousands to rectify.

Contractor Relationships with Experienced Memorial landscaping companies
Exterior Worlds has formed solid partnerships with top artisans and contractors throughout the city of Houston and the gulf coast region. Long-term working relationships create a smooth construction process were scheduling, creativity, problem solving, and proven construction standards manifest themselves as a cohesive progression of the construction process. The result of these synergic partnerships is evident in the final creative details, nuances and delivery of a personal touch which discriminating clientele demand. These results simply cannot be achieved by less experienced landscape companies.

Sourcing, New Technologies, Old materials
Knowledge, experience and relationships working with the best sources of Houston landscaping materials, plants, stone, European tile, antique pottery and planters, is a requirement for all designers at Exterior Worlds. Few of our competitors hold themselves to such a standard, as they find it more cost-effective to use sub pare materials to increase profits. Lowering material standards seldom brings the client the expected level of benefit.

Experienced Landscape Crews
Our landscaping crews are some of the best in the business. From simple color plantings to complex construction techniques our crews are detailed, trained and experienced. Not only will we install a garden for you but we can assist you with the maintenance of an existing landscape installed by our competitors as well. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our designers or consultants!!!