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Memorial Villages Yard Maintenance

Memorial Villages yard maintenance is special…because the Memorial Villages are special. Conceived as estate-like living at a close proximity to downtown Houston and all the city’s amenities, the Memorial Villages offer exclusive neighborhoods, beautiful green spaces and gracious living.

In like manner, Exterior Worlds offers customized Memorial Villages yard maintenance to its many customers in the area. The Memorial Villages of Hillshire Village, Spring Valley Village, Piney Point Village, Hunter Creek Village, Bunker Hill Village and Hedwig Village typically have oversized lots that required unique and one of a kind landscape services. Some of our clients have found that they prefer to use our turn-key services under a full maintenance contract. Others are better served by using only our lawn care service or our garden services. In other words, we offer landscape solutions tailored especially to meet your needs.

Regardless of how you use Exterior Worlds, we bring the same professionalism, dedication to detail, and expertise in landscape design and care to each job—each and every time we show up—that has earned us the reputation as one of the finest landscape firms in the area.


Some of the tasks performed in our Memorial Villages yard maintenance services include:

  • Paying attention to the original design intent and providing unique care. Many of our clients use a variety of plant species to create a singular garden based on personal inclination. Styles include: Mediterranean landscape design, Japanese garden, and modern landscape design.
  • Turf mowing and trimming. We recommend weekly service in the warm months of March through October and bi-weekly from November through February.
  • Professional clipping, pruning and trimming of small plants and flowers.
  • Mulch installation and weeding. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture and prevents erosion. Weeding is done as needed.
  • Chemical feeding and treatments. Types of fertilizers used include organic, fast-release, slow-release and winterizer. Insecticides and fungicides address fungus and insect problems, an always-present threat to healthy plants and grass.
  • Over-seeding with winter grass (also known as rye grass). This practice keeps your grass green and luxuriant throughout the winter.
  • Lawn aeration. Recommended to improve compacted and heavily-used turf.

One important aspect of Memorial Villages yard maintenance is tree preservation and ongoing tree care. We understand that trees are valuable assets of your property. They are, in fact, one of the features that make the Memorial Villages so special. We know how to care for your trees so that they continue to thrive.

Another area of our expertise lies in drainage systems. We are pros with the special codes and regulations that the Memorial Villages have instituted to combat flooding. We can design and install a storm drainage system for you—or maintain the one you have.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to the customer and to excellence. In our landscape designs, you will see this quality in how we use bold bursts of color or, if your preference is for a more subtle approach, look for a timeless beauty that attracts attention and accolades. We produce luxurious, highly personalized signature designs, a style defined by you, along with our use of sophisticated techniques and sumptuous materials.

Exterior Worlds has specialized in high-end landscape design and services since 1987 for the greater Houston area. In addition to serving the Memorial Villages, we have clients in Tanglewood, River Oaks, West University and Bellaire.